Just how it is…

Oh well, sometimes I care too much.

Every single thing.
Its overwhelming.
I have to control.
AND always..Emotions fail me.
Bad day for me I guess.
Because of one guy whom I am so sorry to.
A tiring one some more.
Because of one girl who made me felt so stupid.

There is a guy (for now)..
That I sometimes hate (I understand this is a strong word) talking to!
The mere voice of him talking to me..
Sometimes make me much much more angry!
I do not know what got into me.
BUT one thing I am sure..
This is not because I like/love him.
He will always be just a friend.
Please do not start on me and him with BGR!
I think this is all because of what he had done previously..
And his current attitude.
Another important thing is..
he is not a sincere friend!
(of course, this is my own biased opinion)
(I AM a human afterall!)

I am seriously sorry.
Today, someone with no temperament
Was affected because of a simple thing I said.
But it really came to me as a shock more than surprise that it actually made you sad.
I was so shocked that i cried myself to sleep nap.
Sorry for my stupid words…

Today, yet it is today again, I felt so tired.
Tired of another certain someone.
I tried to make you a true friend of mine.
No, you did not appreciate it.
My effort was like down the drain.
I do not feel hurt.
Instead, I feel so stupid.
I feel so tired too!

On a random note…
Today (again) found out something which puzzled me.
This guy is not a gentleman.
He is (ok I admit) above average in his studies but not the best!
Oh well, maybe he has got a lot of good things
[I do compliment him one O=)]
But cannot too much in case he will grow wings!
AND also in case some naive and childish people think..
I am infatuated with him.
But seriously, why so many people like him?
Today I found out another one person who like him!
Maybe he knows some black magic!
Or he made all those girls around him drink love potion?
Oh well, maybe in his last life he never had any girl friends.
For his good karma, God gave him a lot of admirers this lifetime!
Ok this is a random crap..

To dear someone…
Your tears is not worthless…
Just as in my tears is not too.
My tears always when rubbed dry, give me a sense of stability.
That was why I never feel crying is a bad thing.
Just remember, after you cried…
Stand back up and walk further and stronger…
What does not kill you will make you stronger!

Recently (more than recent)..
There is this one certain nice person..
Gave me help, support, advice etc without bias.
Sometimes the gratitude I felt towards her for lifting me up is indescribable..
Such friends are indeed…
Hard to find!
Infinite words of “thank you“s to you!
[Seriously, when I saw the words “Miss Foo u ok d mah?”, I was feeling better =))]

There were too many happenings today..
That I do not know how to jot them all down.
Mostly unhappy…
Some very random ones…
But I believe tomorrow will be better =))
Sure will be…
It MUST be!!!
I will go to Lowyat and Borders!
Hopefully I can find my tarot cards =))


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