Orange, seriously… Thanks a lot… You have your things to be done. Busy as you are, you still took the time to comfort me! Seriously thanks =)) [putting a smiley face there does not mean I cheered up!]

I opened a new post planning to post up what I am frustrated and sad over… After a lot of typing, I canceled it. Because I guess this matter should not worth a post like this! Those people do NOT worth a post of mine here like this! I seriously do not know why I care so much. It should not affect me since I think it is not my fault.

You tell me to relax, do not worry, do not stress, etc… even though you know that I would not. But, I know, you are just clueless. But still thanks! Very much appreciated!

Sulyn, sorry to make you wake up just like that. I did not mean for that to happen also. So sorry.

Tee Yee, thanks for your comfort and advice too. I am so sorry to get you worried too.


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