Oh my oh my…

Wah… slept so much last night! I knew I hit the sack at 11pm (I saw the time when I was setting the alarm to wake up at 3am) Oh well, as can be seen, I did not manage to wake up! HAHA
So last night did not do anything productive. My plan to go to Pahang might now be a lil… down the drain?! Oh well…

Let’s see what is on the list now..

  • Mastering Biology Quiz
  • Chemistry Blackboard Miniquiz
  • Biology Blackboard Miniquiz
  • Chemistry Lab Report
  • Biotechonology Video Assignment
  • Biotechnology Project
  • Environmental Science Major Essay
My upcoming exams! (This semester came too quick and went like a breeze.. I have not even revised anything)
*Click to enlarge*

Start to regret sleeping so much last night! =(( Yeah get more things done ASAP! AND did I tell you all I will be heading down to Kuantan? I am so looking forward to that trip =)) Erm its actually a volunteer work where we go to help clean up the coast! We shall be heading over to Balok Beach there =)) This is organised by The Body Shop!! Some highlights:
  • NINE course dinner at a quite good restaurant called “Pak Su Restaurant”
  • Coastal clean up (the main point)
  • Prize giving ceremony
  • Staying one night at Fantasia Beach Resort! (I love going to hotels!)
SO EXCITING! Should be real fun! =)) So looking forward to this. It is on the 20th of September. Will be back on the 21st September! MUST use this as a motivation to complete more work and START revising environmenal science!!

Oh yeah.. I changed my MSN e-mail address. Why? hmm… Look at this… and its NOT only one or two.. AND I seriously think its a few friends I knew back in Brunei that “introduced” me to those people and being too free, started off with it… AND yes, i do not go into those topics with those friends I aforementioned. So probably they are trying me out? So sorry, I am NOT interested.

Sulyn (my room mate) asked me why did I then do not just block them? Hmmm..sounds easy yeah? Oh well, NOT when they repetitively create new accounts and add you. You have to add them just in case its your long lost friend???? HAHA.. Oh who knows its DYLAN? (FYI, Dylan was an Australian neighbour of mine whom I lost contact with ever since he moved back to his country!) Hehe…

Oh yeah… to anyone who heard me talking about the “evil twin”, I was just joking about the “evil twin” though of course there is something unhappy undeniable between the friendship.


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