Ten Things (very random indeed)

  • ENV mid-semester test was…Sigh forget it! (Luckily I did not study a lot unlike LLM) HAHA
  • Went to a restaurant for a meal with loads of people including Tee Yee, John, Lee Ming, Shane, Wan Lin’s friend, Wan Lin, Zen Xern, Jeou Yee, Ying Xuan, Ian Yi and Brandon [mentioned in clockwise form with respect to me when seating for the dinner] Tee Yee took the picture =)) No picture of food because majority of the diners with me that night were PENANGNITES (go figure!) HAHA
  • went to Halo Cafe. too bad it was not the two guys anymore But the girl was quite ok except for forgetting the lyrics quite sometime and also always having breaks! ><""My second time there =)) Love the atmosphere there =))
Me being a light bulb SUN!
A much more nicer picture =))
  • got a new housemate. From Mongol. She stays in the single room. I welcomed her with a post-it note but she did not appreciate it She does not mingle I think? Or maybe she is shy?
  • First time I ate a home made mooncake other than the crystal mini chocolate mooncake given to me by Emily few years ago. Courtesy of Yan Wan =)) Thanks =))
  • Only got to know you have to get your bicycle registered with a plate number just as you do for your car!
  • Successfully cultured bacteria!! =)) [Red blood agar plate]The semi-siuccessful unsuccessful one will look something like in the white agar plate (both are done by me last week in Bio lab)
  • LLM got me some kept loosely around for three days biscuits from his home town. Something he got from his cousin’s wedding. Wondering whether I should risk getting diarrhae. JY reminded me that it might be infected with bacteria from the lab ==” Anyway how, thanks a lot =))
  • Tenth point!! I have got loads of things due! BTH video assignment, BTH project, CHM Lab Report, BIO Lab Report, BIO e-Rat quiz, Mastering BIO Miniquiz, BIO Blackboard Miniquiz, CHM Blackboard Miniquiz,ENV Major Essay!!Yet I am going to Templar’s Park! HIKING! [Still anticipating my weekend in Kuantan =)) But too bad no kite =(( Thanks so much to Shane ><""]

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