ICC, Kuantan by MNSM, 20-21September 2008

Yeah! Been anticipating this trip since long ago (when I was still so busy wihh assignments and yet not bothered by the assignments HAHA) I always anticipate the trips organised by MNSM. Erm..for those who do not know already, MNSM = Malaysia Nature Society, Monash! This is the club I joined last semester and also this semester. Been to a few trips with them =)) All had been nice and good experiences. Getting to know people (Now, lesser. WHY? I am anti-social) and also to mingle with coursemates. Best is to hang out with my group of friends (Nice company) =))
Fimtan, Jeou Yee, Lee Ming, Shane, Tee Yee, Wan Lin, Ying Xuan and Zen Xern all went for this trip. I think this is the first time I have an MNSM trip with all of them. Too bad Michelle did not come! =(( It was a long journey and the night before, I didn’t sleep early. Oh well, short bouts of motion sickness but most were considerate to let me rest and sleep! Thanks you’s =)) other than someone ==” since over already, do not want to mention who!
The bus ride to Kuantan, Pahang was more than four hours. We reached Monash University at 7.30am (cheers as someone was not late, I terpulang was the last to meet up) HAHA. Throughout the bus trip, made two stops. Mostly for toilet heheTransformers was played. Sure it was a real nice movie but I had motion sickness. The noises did not help any bit ==” Oh well. at least I reached Kuantan safe and sound teehee~~

Fantasia Resort!!! (Nothing to brag lah~~ Just two stars one ok?) Seriously, this is the second time I stay in such a place. The first time was in Miri, when all the places were full. Similarly, rooms looked neat but got some “smell” Urghhh.. Do not complain since it is cheap ok?

Once we were there, we were given our packed lunches of FRIDGE-COLD CHICKEN RICE (yum yum..as if! Even if I like to eat/drink cold stuff but not this! ok?) But oh well, no choice!

Lina giving us our lunch (Thanks!!)
Our cold lunch! (be grateful!)
Pity Cze Wein and Izuan
(Izuan was fasting while Cze Wein had to sort the check-in) while we were all eating!
Them enjoying their lunch =))

Then had an ice breaker where Cze Wein called it “Human Bingo”. Its basically a sheet with twenty five blanks. Had to find people with the matching characteristics and get them to sign. In one of those, Zen Xern admitted to being able to do 10 push ups… =)) (AND he did)Prizes were given to the first 25 who handed it in complete provided that they are not disqualified AND I GOT A DISCOUNT CARD FOR MEMORY LANE. Ok..nothing to brag about also. I only shopped there once to get Ying Xuan something on her birthday last time.
After that ice-breaking, Izuan gave us our keys and off we go into our respective rooms! Yeah, it smelled of something..ewww.. Lee Ming, Shane and Jeou Yee stayed in the room before us, and its JOINED (more fun! =D) We settled and placed our things in the room. Changed to the official event shirt, except me and Tee Yee ! Still had time to chit chat and play card games!Soon, off we go to Balok Beach, by bus! Luckily no need to walk! I might really “break a leg”! HAHA

Lee Ming’s trademark (again)
Tee Yee and I
Again =P
Ying Xuan and Cheryl joined =))
Shane and Lee Ming joined =))
Zen Xern, Jeou Yee, Fimtan and Wan Lin joined too =))
Getting ready to start cleaning the coast.. (with gloves)

Met up and got a change of size for my shirt! They gave me a “S” size one. Look at me and you will know that is for a baby me lah! ==” Luckily got a change but I missed the chance to have the large group picture. Anyway how, lots of briefing and craps, we soon have to start cleaning the coast.Before the start, drank some coca-cola (they were one of the sponsors I think along side with The Body Shop who organised this event) And while some important people were giving speech, I already started wandering around to collect some rubbish. Oh well, speeches and talks are generally boring ok? Izuan, Cze Wein and Desmond saw us playing truant and started collecting rubbish first HAHA There was a competition then to see which collected the most! We were to self organise ourselves to a group of four.
My group! =))
The gays with Cheri and Cheryl! =))
See how much we collected?
With an intruder
(That LEAN LEE MING ah! Always want to join my pictures but do not smile! Sheesh)
Now, I become the intruder! =P
Heaps of rubbish picked throughout the event!

After the tiring event, coca-cola again! Seriously, I do not drink coca-cola but due to thirst and not much choice, I can’t be all that picky anymore, can I? After the drink, met up with everyone and had our rubbish weighed! (Forgot how much ours totaled but knows that Lean Lee Ming stole a bag of our rubbish and count it as his groups! UNFAIR!) but since there is no prize, nevermind lah! HAHA

After clean up
Part of the hotel
Chill at the lobby area! =))
Looking down the pools from lobby

We had time to chill at the lobby because Cze Wein et al. were late for helping to carry the rubbish to the truck! So we had more limited time to shower and get ready to go to the Pak Su Seafood Restaurant for our nine-course dinner. I had my shower first. Thanks a lot for that because i get to rest even though it was very short. i slept throughout the bus ride to the restaurant though =PDinner was great and it turned out to be an eleven-course dinner for us! HAHA (Do not know why most of the international students do not like seafood. AND TOFU EVEN! So we had an extra fish and an extra dish of tofu!) =P

US! taking up one table together with Cheri and Cheryl! =))
Dish #1
Dish #2
Dish #3
(fried chicken — MOST in our stomach =P)
Dish #4
Dish #5
Dish #6
Dish #7 (least favoured!!)
Dish #8
Dish #9 (I love the sea coconuts =D)
Dish #10 (I did not have any of these haha)Coca-cola (AGAIN) Seriously, this was the day when I had so much coca-cola ever before!
Us again (food was satisfying)

We even went down to the beach for awhile before having our desserts. =)) I wanted to walk further but was stopped by Tee Yee. So sorry I did not hear you! (was listening to iPod) Beach is really a calming place and I had loads (and by loads i really mean loads.. I miss all those times..Sighhh)
After that went back to have our desserts, chit chat awhile and left. it was still early (YES! 9pm is early ok?) So Cze Wein was nice to organise and bring us to the beach =)) I get my midnight beach stroll! =)) We went back and took our candles, lanterns and lighter =)) met up with Cze Wein. While waiting for others, we cam-whored again! =P

The guys
Us =))
We got to play lanterns even =))
With flash on
AND sat in a circle singing =))
Took heaps of pictures!
We simply love one another (were thinking of Suh Ming~~)The “gay frame” and I
The “gay frame” and Tee Yee
The “gay frame” with Ying Xuan
The “gay frame” with Zen Xern and Wan Lin
They came up with “jumping” shots
See this (spot anything?)
MUAHAHAHA (he is not embarassed also lah actually HAHA)
Joy, Angry, Sad, Happy

Soon its over midnight (good times fly~~) We had to do head count again and go back to our rooms! Showered (again!) I had to constantly wash my face because its the beach! (Sand particles! arghhh) But we left the air-conditioner switched on so when we got back. It was nice and cool! Before anyone of you start giving me craps about how I do not conserve energy and increase global warming etc.. Please just let me tell you one thing, I am NOT blessed with nice skins like you all! Maybe that is not a good enough reason. So? And if you were going to be such a conservationist, do NOT use elevators, cars etc lah! (sorry for being so straight forward here but I had mentioned so many times about my skin that I think everyone is bored of listening)

Our shadows while at the beach during the dinner
(Left to right: Jeou Yee, Fimtan, Tee Yee, lee Ming, Shane, CC, Ying Xuan, Wan Lin and Zen Xern)

Oh well, I was not that tired but my eyes were a bit sore. Just to prevent motion sickness during the bus ride back to Sunway, I tried to just go to sleep! But..sighhh the whole place smelled of cockraoches! =(( Even all the pillows (except two which I chose one) I slept on one side with one of my hand over the pillow. EVEN MY ARM SMELLED OF COCKRAOCHES! ewwww… Tak dapat tidur! But i did sleep at some point and woke up finally because i can’t breathe. Too much dust. AND I was hungry! HAHA..2am sudah lah! Five hours after dinner..sure hungry lah! Munched something and listened to some lame ghost stories. Went to bed! Do not know how I feel into my slumber. i woke up freezing and lazed around. DID NOT SHOWER (yes..saya sangat kotor)

Left for breakfast buffet. OMG…see what we have only?
diluted milk (choices of coffee, tea and milk)
bread with few choices of spread and banana cake
nasi goreng with baked beans and sausages

Yeah be grateful. Should be thankful they even have buffet breakfast!!! Them getting food. Seriously, when I first saw few slices of toasted bread made by Fimtan, I thought I was abnormal… because i put spreads thinly only. She had it THICK! Comparison, Ying Xuan’s and Fimtan’s… I had a lil cup of diluted fresh milk, a slice of banana cake, some sausages with baked beans and a slice of bread. The others ate so much! TY and i just used one plate each while them? Seven only and used FIFTEEN plates o.O
Focus on the plates ==”

During breakfast, that thing above came to disturb. Yeah..(harumph!!) Made me scream! So paiseh lah! This earth should not have cats! Aiyah..whatever that bites other than human should not exist! (selfish — sorry Yen Ming and other cat lovers) Anyway, many came late for the buffet and while they were still having their meal, we went back into our rooms and decided to just shower. Freaking sweaty mah! We all planned to go to the playground but due to tiredness laziness, i chose not to go. Suddenly, Cze Wein called and say they were already at the beach AND flying kites

Kites (Thanks to desmond – Monash Kite Club President)
first time flying! (Thanks Zhen Yao for helping me)
Building “hats”?
destroy!!! (Lean Lee Ming always like this one lah) HAHA
starfish (A very nice take)

Had a nice time and the check out time was extended from noon to 1.30pm. So got to stay there longer. but at 12.30pm, we left for our rooms to shower and all. Prepare for lunch but the cafeteria was not opened.
Places were closed due to it being Ramadhan! Pahang is a Malay-ruled state so more favoured to Muslims(?) i am not so sure about this but I think so? Anyway, so we did not have lunch and instead went over to Cheri, Cheryl and gangs’ place.

Large group picture =)) — self-timer
Card games (again)
Others were out there cam-whoring
(Yes! They were!)

Till time to check out! Off we go to take our things and waited at the lobby area. At some point, played card again HAHA Checked out and some people wanted to take some “memorable” picture…Who knows? Got red ants over himself! HAHA..ok ok that was mean. People get paralysed leg (temporary) for just red ants’ bites ok? Stop laughing!

Finally board the bus and off we go! Back to Sunway with empty stomachs! Haha..not that bad lah… We did have stops somewhere and got to grab a bite. I just had an over-priced bun. Nothing much.
The above picture was taken purposely with the coca-cola can! when we were on our way back to Sunway. Power of advertisement! LOL It rained when we came back. But I love the sky =)) We reached at about 6.30pm. Straight went for dinner =)) fill the semi-empty stomach!

More picturess~~ (Seriously we have got nearly NINE HUNDRED pictures just for this trip! HAHA)

Lee Ming and Shane (the gay couple)
Jeou Yee
Lee Ming and I
Jeou Yee and I
Shane and I
Zen Xern and I
Ying Xuan, Fimtan and I
Leanne and I
Cze Wein and I
Zhen Yao and I

OK..something about the Fantasia Resort Hotel. OK I know its two stars and all. Just wanted to show some pictures of it! =))

There is a balcony (got frog! scary though it does not move! It is alive ok?)
Somewhere around the “resort”View outside from our balcony =))
The non-functional television.
But has one use!! Reflective surface to take pictures!!
Erm the fridge is missing actually (although it was stated that there is one! ==”)

This is Kuantan. but apparently, they love cats too much (like that naughty one that showed up in the morning?), they sell Kuching’s souvenirs instead?

Bad news!! Time to work ahrd again! Exam is in just one month! Arghhh… Good news!! =)) CAMERON HIGHLAND trip! 3 days 2 nights! Tentatively mid of November 2008! Do not say i did not tell you all oh! LOL Should be loads of fun! I will be going to this trip. Hopefully! Have to ask and re-confirm with family mah! And sure worth it! WHY? Just pay Rm5 to become an MNSM members and they subsidise a hell lot for your trips! Go on! JOIN!!!


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