Untitled thoughts

  • I slept for the whole evening and went to dinner with Tee Yee, Lee Ming and Shane only at 9pm ==” (this sure makes no difference whether I go to steamboat or not with Zen Xern they all right? No NO.. I SLEPT!! haha)
  • Found out one thing: I am a person who thinks worries far too much! Seriously, I get all worried if I cannot contact someone or if I think I wronged someone. I think way too much negative things. ==”
  • I learnt something from Tee Yee. This is how I interpret it: “The world will be simple IF you chose for it to be”
  • I learnt something from Lee Ming. “Being nice to others is just being cruel to yourself”
  • Ann left for UK today. I called her around noon and was all jolly. She called me before she board the plane in the departure hall (I know how it feels as I did that before way too many times). I did not cry probably because I was in a sleep But I would not have cried because I cried enough already long ago when I first heard about it. I shall not be able to meet her for a LONG time. Hope she will be enjoying herself there while studying hard =)) ALL THE BEST =))
  • I have been reading my own blog post on the ICC trip way too many times ==” Arghhh! I miss the beach and all the good times!! =((
  • I should be revising and doing my work. So many deadlines and exam is so near. Yet I am still not budging! Motivation!! Where are you? =((

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