Lots of "to-do’s"

I am missing a lot of people now. A lot.

Anyway, just back from One Utama not long ago. I went at about 2pm. Finished shopping at about 5.30pm. Waited for taxi for really long! Reached hostel at 9pm only. Been a long day but I enjoyed with some damage to my pockets! I used roughly RM90! Oh well, I am mostly done with the shopping but might buy more. Waiting for my pocket money!!! 1st October! Please come sooner!!!

Earlier this morning, I woke up very early just to go to university to meet Dr. Kan! He told me he will be around at 9am to 10am. I wanted to have a look at the brochures done by our seniors. I reached university at 8.30am. Printed some lecture slides because the devilish Lean Lee Ming was very KS (Joking lah hehe…). Went to find Dr Kan at about 8.55am. I waited for a whole freaking 45 minutes just to have him describing the brochures for less than five minutes ==” I did not even get to touch the brochures..needless to say, no pictures lah! ><"" and cannot see them go off to Penang. Especially Michelle =((

Been giving something a serious thought. Should i take away the chat box? I know its much more easier to leave comments there. Personally I prefer it too But after what Shane has continuously told me, i figure its better to have the comments at where they should be, that is, the comment area for the specific post This is so that next time, i can read back and know what was being said/discussed.

But Lee Ming says I can just leave the chat box there still for people to give me a random note, a simple Hi!, or just simply crap or spam me! What do you all actually think? Should i still put the chat box there for some interactions and then advise those who would to leave comment on my posts to specifically put in the comment area of my that related post?

To do list:

  • remind TYee to print two sets of stickers for me (Chinese + English names)
  • BTH 1802 MFC Brochure
  • ENV 1800 Major Essay
  • BTH video assignment 5
  • BIO 1022 E-rat quiz
  • BIO 1022 Miniquiz
  • CHM 1022 Miniquiz
  • find time to prepare “somethings”

Ok lots of things to do! Better go shower and get myself to do at least one of the above! (Seems like giving TY a call is the easiest! But she should need some time with her family and friends.)

P.s. Good luck to JY on his operation. Hope eveything goes well! =)) Take care =))


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