One Utama @ 26.09.2008

Set off from my room at about 2pm but reached only One Utama half an hour later. Usually it is supposed to take about fifteen minutes only. But we Ben (my room mate, Sulyn’s boyfriend), had difficulty calling for a cab. In the end, we settled to go with this Chinese taxi driver for RM20. Seeing that there is traffic, so it might as well be worth it too. Ok ok i know..had we used meter, would definitely be cheaper! But we could not get any taxis!! Time is much more precious than money itself ok? But the taxi driver was a bit dangerous reckless. I think he was pressing the horn most of the time yet “swish swosh” in and out while sharing a conversation with Ben. Look at the traffic. Was not really that terrible lah considering last time when I went to The Curve which was just beside One U (am I correct?) and it took freaking more than one and a half hours just to get there ==”

Anyway how, I being angelic of course would not want to be a light bulb sun and decided to shop around myself despite that being my first time there. I got my way around successfully. It was almost as big as those in Paris. Ok ok..a lil bit smaller.. but then it just looks all the same. I got good training when I was in Paris for a whole seven months haha. But i did get lost in Jusco Departmental area for a good fifteen minutes ==” No I did not panic or cry, I was just scared that I do not have enough time to look for the things that I wanted

Oh i love the top most floor the most. There is where Popular, MPH and other crafty shops are located. I love book stores and do not mind staying in one at all. But I am not a book worm HAHA… How I hope I can just go and learn crafts and handiworks!! (I would probably make those as my hobbies when I start going into the workforce) I shall take up piano and violin classes, cross-stitch (though I already know the basic but you can always learn more), pottery making, oil painting, knitting (I really really really want to learn how to knit!!!), etc… I have a great load of interest in all these =)) But not really that much in drawing though haha

I would love to join cooking classes. More into making desserts, baking cakes and cookies, all those =)) WHY AM I ENROLLED IN A SCIENCE COURSE? no, enrolling in BSc Biotechnology was never anyone else choice. I was determined to study this when I was in Secondary 4, even until now. =)) Oh well, maybe hobbies should always remain hobbies? But when I retire, it might be a totally different thing! =P

Opps..i just realised i digressed! Very far away HAHA… OK back to One Utama. While walking around. I saw DQ! I asked the Penangnites before if there is DQ in Malaysia. I remember well that Tee Yee and Michelle said NO! See??? I spot it in One U. But no big deal lah. I do not miss their ice cream. McD’s choco top nicer than DQ’s but their blizzards are great. I can never finish one anyway. Please always not be greedy, just get the baby blizzard ok?

I had a late breakfast at about 10.40am. So I did not go get my lunch at the suposed lunch hour. I remember I was not a person who would eat by the clock. Now, I can see a routine in my eating. Morning, breakfast which I usually skip. Lunch in between 11am to 1pm. Dinner at 7.30pm usually when SOMEONE decided to not oversleep or keep us waiting i remmeber I used to eat only when I am hungry. Maybe this is why I am growing more horizontally! ><"" BUT its good, cause I do not get affected by gastric much nowadays =)) Erm..why did I mention about food again? Oh oh…yeah I went to grab a bite. at about 4.30pm. At Auntie Anne's! I love it a lot. That was probably my fourth or fifth time having it =)) I got the specialty combo nad could not finish. There was two pretzels and one drink. Usually I could finish it because i share with the others! sighh nevermind. I shopped while enjoying my pretzels. Felt guilty actually because the Malays are fasting. Sighh…so sorry!! But I was hungry and scared i do not have time to look for what I want. One Utama is big ok? Well, cause it is my first time there. But i wandered mostly in the highest floor. Those below were mostly food and fashions. Not what I wanted to look at!

Soon at 5.17pm, I was totally done shopping for what I want ( I guess since I could not find everything that I want also there) I took out my phone and waited for Sulyn to give me a call. She said she would be ready at about 5.30pm. I just wandered around more and soon enough at 5.45pm she gave me a call and we fixed for a place to meet ( I am not familiar with the places and so she had to come find me =(( so sorry)

We went to wait for a taxi! OH god! long queue and the taxi was little. Ben had to go near the roadside to hail a cab unsuccessfully I stood in the taxi line for more than an hour. Saw an old women about 60 years old. She wanted to have a seat but was wet (cause it was raining). So i offered to wipe away the rain water for her and she offered me a KFC burger! OMG..came to me as a shock. But I rejected cause it was not nice and I was not hungry. But I was a little freaked out because i did not expect her to do that.

That was the auntie with her KFC burger. She had more in her bag (for her family probably)

Soon the line was moving only after half an hour and she moved up too but the seats were all wet, once again, I wiped it clean for her. She was obviously touched I am such an angel MUAHAHAHA and started to strike a conversation with me. She is a Chinese but has a very good command of English. I usually stick to English when I talk to strangers. i do not know why. She was friendly and we discussed about how the taxi drivers in Malaysia are choosy over the customers and do not go by meter and all. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Sulyn standing in between me and Ben.Ben should be somewhere there hailing a cab.

Soon Sulyn, who was standing far from me and Ben, (Ben was at the other side while I was at the other side, Sulyn was in between, HAHA) called me and I thought we finally got a cab. No was us changing our place to get a cab. Off to the new wing!!! There waited for more than an hour too. Initially it was for a cab. but then no cab want to go to Sunway. So, Ben got his sister to come fetch us! Thank god for her =)) Though it was a long wait but I felt safe and did not panic. cause Sulyn and Ben were there mah! hehe… Thanks a lot =))

So that was my day at One Utama. I will go there once again IF I have the chance =)) can go shop at The Lingerie Shop! Oh i did not tell about The Lingerie Shop? HAHA…when I was waiting to meet up with Sulyn and Ben, I purposely sat, of all places, in front of The Lingerie Shop. People were staring at me! Do not ask me why. I do not know why too HAHA.. there was this cleaner who walked by and keep turning his head to stare at me and also at the shop ==” LOLp.s. The lack of taxis might be due to this being a Puasa month, raining or for the fact that there is usually not that much taxis here! AND also might be due to the traffic hours!!


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