Practice Safe"r" Sex *updated*

No..I am not going to give anyone a sex education moment. HAHA

Just that yesterday Bee Fong suddenly came into my room and gave me a pamphlet about Sex. It was never a taboo issue for me. Feel free to talk about it to me. But please, keep your juicy details to you and your partner lah. I am not all that keen to hear those HAHA..

That day, Jeou Yee mentioned something about circumcision. There is a lot of things related to Sex. And no, we did not discuss about it. But somehow, when I chat with Lee Ming about circumcision then inadvertently, advising him against being promiscuous or having a future promiscuous wife, even worse, having a bisexual homosexual relationship his gay partner, Shane (well, nothing to hide lah since so many can see how obvious your relationship is! HAHA).

His answer was: “I will practice safe sex.”(or something around that lah)
Now, i tell you! PRACTICE SAFER SEX. hahaha

On a side note, watch Sex and The City Movie. I know outdated but was nice. UNCENSORED haha.. There were scenes I do not expect to see in that uncensored version. But, oh well..just a shout from Sulyn: “Oi! You watching porn ah?!” LOL

I love the scenes set in Mexico! Very pretty! =)) There was a scene there where Miranda did not shave her pubic area and Samantha saw it! Damn embarrassing but then how come so thick?! OMG.. OK i discussed far too much HAHA

I love Charlotte’s down-to-earth character =)) AND seriously, I think her adopted daughter is cute with truly Chinese look =)) I was so happy for her when she found out she was pregnant! She was funny when she refused doing her routine runs because she got pregnant. I can understand how she is worried that she might lose the baby she is carrying but then after Carrie’s advice, she went back into running. Firstly with her dogs. That scene just strike me as very funny. Don’t ask me why! I do not know! HAHA

I hate how Miranda is so work-orientated only. No comment on Samantha but seriously, she is so sex-driven! Even the puppy that she has got! (OK, i commented =P). Carrie and Miranda both met a big obstacle (I think) when Mr Big did not turn up for the wedding (for Carrie) whereas Steve had an affair (for Miranda). Made me think.. Can’t forgiveness kick in? I do not know seriously. Must have to have lots of courage and a big heart. How to take in the humiliation too? Oh well…

Just quoting what Miranda said to Carrie in the movie on her husband, Steve’s apologies: “How about: Don’t do anything that ‘I am sorry‘ for.”

As of now, when I am typing this, I haven’t finish watching the movie HAHA. just finished the first 100 minutes or so only. Will continue when I wake up later and feel like watching HAHA Hope the ending is sweet =)) Love should always be sweet (in movies). Oh well, in reality can also, just depends on your luck (which is rare).

8.45pm — Just finished Sex and The City Movie.
As expected, happy endings =)) And yeah LOVE made everything possible (so cliche!!) Unconditional love~~


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