Paper Mache!!

When I was at One Utama the other day. I bought some starch and tissue.. Cause I just think I would be so bored even though I still have piles of work undone

But what can you do with starch and tissue??? To do paper mache lah! kiddy I know! =P

My soaked tissue..
My unsuccessful glue..
My working area (yeah the shoe rack HAHA)
The end products (drying process)
It did turn our dried but not so nice and too rigid.
So no pictures of them =P

I even bought corrugated papers, UHU, coloured paper then. Wanted to get construction paper rather than coloured paper then. But I refrained from going into Jusco there again (just in case I got lost) HAHA

To date, I have been having fun making ONE card only and a template for my BTH brochure. Seriously, BTH brochure! What is it all actually about? Online the information are just all the same! ><" Zen Xern completed his one. Seemed easy but he did not use any examples of MFC. Computer whiz like him can just use computerised forms but me? HAHA..resort to paper , scissor and glue lah! =P In his information brochure, he just mentioned about MFC generally. No specific examples! Can anyone actually find the examples even?! urghhh.. so fed up of BTH. Spend days..ok ok just hours lah.. and did not get much info out of it. Figure I shall rest the case in the coffin first and start on my ENV!

Progressing quite well considered I just started reading the information and doing the essay at 11pm yesterday and I am now about a third done =)) Time to sleep and wake up early to go library (as if I am so hardworking! Just to try my luck to see if I can meet my prince charming Dr. Kan!) Library is NOT open on Wednesday, Thursday and the weekends!!! ><" Oh well, i do not intend to go also lah. So nevermind. SLEEP!!!


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