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The naughty girl in my unit

This is a scheduled post.

The other day, I gave Sulyn a snobbish looking puppy. The puppy was not snobbish when I bought it. It turned snobbish under the care of Sulyn (HAHA!) No, its not a live one! (Ben, Sulyn’s boyfriend gave such a funny reaction that I could not stop laughing when Sulyn sms-ed him that I got her a puppy! HAHA) Oh well, he must have been real glad its not a real puppy HAHA

And few nights after that, on a totally random note, I was with Jeou Yee at the library after dinner. Sulyn suddenly called and used the puppy to talk to me! HAHA. AND of course I mimicked dog’s sound and “talked” LOL. I have such a fun roommate. I am so gonna miss her.

Amidst of my exams and I am thinking of all these… Awww… I will surely miss my this home (yes, i finally call it a home. Those who read my blog before then would know how reluctant i was to call this hostel with stupid curfew as my home! HAHA) a lot! =(( I think this is going to sound weird, but I think I will miss how she splashes water at me through the space between the ceiling and the shower room’s door when I am changing my clothes! And I am sure going to miss how she alwyas make lies seem so surreal. Make jokes seems so true that I am so silly to believe. But it was real fun!!!

I am glad Sulyn was part of my life..
I am glad Sulyn and I shared a journey..
I am glad to have Sulyn shared a room with me..

How far and big will our lives change after the parting?

Will our paths cross more than often?
I will sure miss you! S2

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30th October 2008 (10 pm)

This is a scheduled post.

I am so gonna miss my room mate and my housemates!

Seriously…when will you ever go facebooking revising in your room and hear someone shout: “Fast! Fast! Come OUT! Its the end of the world!!!

HAHA..that was Bee Fong because she saw part of the sky was orange in colour. Seriously, she stood there many nights. OUTSIDE at the patio area to revise for exams. People had been looking from the opposite building down to our unit. Staring at her doing her revision! HAHA.. (Oh well, she has her own way of revising. Who cares how you revise when you can get HD’s???)

According to Tee Yee, the sky has always been like this at night. BUT i doubt so because I also go out to the patio many a times just to stare at the sky, looking at stars (which you can’t observed usually cause of the haze). That was the first time I saw the orange part.

AND according to Lee Ming, I was crazy! ==” He said its lights from Sunway Pyramid. Hmm..probably but why other nights, I never see before one? HAHA

OH well, forget those. The most funny thing was my room mate, Sulyn, went to make a “short documentary” of the “phenomenon” HAHA.. presumably for her grandchildren. HAHA

I have such cute and nice roommate and housemates =D
I (hearts) them!!

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According to Sulyn

According to my dear roomie, Sulyn, this is how I revise.

Five minutes of revising and then 30 minutes of rest. And then back to revising for another 5 minutes and rest again. Hmm..sort of true! HAHA Can’t help that I am born with a short attention span! =P

But what is more funny is how she talked about Bee Fong!! While studying, Bee Fong would be hungry every ten minutes and eat. This is sort of true but not really ten minutes lah! HAHA.. But nevermind, she is so thin!

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Untitled rants *updated*

Life is full of surprises. FULL of them. But not all surprises are to be look forward to. There are those surprises that make you happy and excited — given by people you love around you, be it family or friends.

But there are also many that comes with a price tag. A hefty one which can give you sadness, emotional turmoil and sometimes you wonder if the heartache is physical. The emotional pain is so intense that you thought its myocardial infarction (uhh medical terms..) These should be more precisely called as UNCERTAINTIES.

And what about uncertainties? Its when you have those things which came up suddenly when you are trying to solve something and requires solving before you can address the root problem. [Ok that was confusing. Forget it!] Anyway, when you think a problem is all solved, there comes along “surprises”. When can everything be settled? There were more than two times when I think everything is settled. But changes changes changes.. these are all uncertainties! It turned out that there are still things to be solved even if they are settled. But I believe those can be dealt with. However, nothing can be dealt IF the root problem is never settled.

OK now its confirmed that it is settled. I wish for no further changes. Will it really be that? Life is still full of uncertainties. And I do not look forward to it at all. Not a bit at all. Please spare me

When minds become impossible to read…
When sweet surprises turn sour…
When things turn bad…
Is there a U-turn?

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Mugging Books

This is a scheduled post.

Seriously.. I have been trying to work hard in library all these nights. Oh well, ended up day-dreaming or dozing off! ==” Sighh books are real boring now. I remember I used to enjoy reading Biology textbooks but not now anymore =((

Anyway, on the 17th of October, TY decided not to join us to library session! =(( Missed her there not “ki-siao” ing with us. I survived but did not revise much. Target not reached! Nevertheless, still ok lah.. As long as I did some revision.

Everytime, we went to the library mid-morning. That day went a bit later because someone got LOCKED IN HIS OWN HOUSE! HAHA.. yeah Lee Ming got locked in because Shane took his keys! Wicked! HAHA

Had dinner at Medan. Shane ordered for “ais kacang”..and see what it turned out to be? LOL

Red bean soup with ICE CUBES! HAHA

I salute the boss for having the audacity to say that that is the ais kacang because the other type was sold out!! When the “ais kacang” came, we really were speechless! HAHA

Stayed till library closes at 11pm. Well, in between I had a nice sleep in the discussion room (I always try to get a discussion room.) Its easy for me to be unlady-like HAHA. And also good for me to sleep =P

I just woke up and was drinking water.
See that patch?
Yeah I spit. Why? Thanks to the two jokers lah (LLM and Shane)
Even the arm of the sofa was wet!

On a random note, YX took some pictures of me in the discussion room (16th October) using her new mobile with a built-in camera of 5MP.

Look like a silly kid! (before sleeping)
Sleeping face (partial)

All the pictures in this post are taken using my 3.2MP camera phone too. In comparison, I still love mine. I do not know. The pictures turn out nicer with my one in my opinion (maybe because I am biased) The colours are nicer leh I think HAHA! I just love the Sony Ericsson! HAHA or maybe my skills are better =P

Anyway, back to 17th of October… That day was to be blogged about because we actually went to cafeteria to continue revising! HAHA..until 1.15am! LOL its nice and I can actually study! (Or was it because i was reading up on sexual reproduction? HAHA)

Shane knew I was going to take a pic so pretend to be studying!!! HAHA

Talk about revising on sexual reproduction, comes the very excited discussion! Lee Ming was talking something about circumcision. I thus shared my views and believe its good to get one. The topic went on and on to baby boys who are about one year old. The conversation was about like that:

CC: “I saw my aunt cleaning the forehead of my baby cousin before. Its dirty! Got white white one some more. You all know?”
“Yeah ah! But now do not have already”

“So did “it” stand?”

“One year old can stand meh?”

“Of course can stand lah!”

“Stand to do what? Rape who oh?”

“Stand to walk lah!”

Shane and I (in unison):

OMG we were so in”shane“sane

Found out that going to toilet in the darkness is real scary. I had to get Shane to hold the outer door of the girls’ toilet open and sing for me! HAHA.. (thanks a lot, Shane!) AND i even went to do something sinful (cannot mention here) But Shane and LLM also involved because they all benefit from what I did! =P HAHA

Oh was a fateful night too… Where two guys completed their gay marriage “as practice” The real one would still be in San Francisco with Tee Yee as the witness. (Forgot to take a picture of them signing the certificate)

The must-do after a wedding (for Chinese only?)
Cutting a virtual cake (HAHA)
Arguing in less than a minute of marriage
Checking his gay partner’s mobile to see if there is any infidelity ==”
Reconciliation (Supposed its Shane’s fault HAHA)
A very wrong picture indeed!
Yeah..those two are real jokers! HAHA

Yeah..talking about all these, just reminds me that they are going to be off to USA soon! Getting their gay marriage in San Francisco without my presence ='( Congratulations on successfully getting your visas! I will sure miss the three of you all! =((

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Hope for things to be better

Just when I think everything is coming to an end, a happy one I presume, and I am down with the fact that it is NOT the end! Am I too emotional over some things? I take it too hard. Maybe I should just let nature takes its course and show me what should it be like. But Ann said it right always, I can never do so even if I want to. I am always disturbed about things, no matter how minor! I just so hate how I am always like this


Michelle questioned me on how I am in a state of unjust after reading my previous post. I told her this is not applying to me. The injustice is not upon me. Fairness or not, its a matter of relativity. Definitely to me its like that! When there is no comparison, how are you going to say that you are deprived of something or that you actually are blessed with something? I am not going to tell you I am deprived because I certainly know and am aware that I am NOT! I am in fact very blessed to have loving uncle and aunt supporting me all along despite growing up without the nurture of my parents. Do not give me sympathizing look because i do not deserve those.


Anyway, I planted a carrot top last week but it went rotten so I threw it into the bin. Then, when I came back in the evening, I saw one new carrot top that is just going to grow! OMG… Bee Fong lied and say she picked up my rotten one from the bin! I NEVER BELIEVED THAT haha.. not so gullible! It was Yan Wan planting it there =))

The carrot with its shoots (Yan Wan)
I just planted this last night I think
The potato “eye” Wonder if it will grow (hehe)

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I always knew that the world is unfair and you can never justify what happened easily. If the world is fair, then there will be no one being malnourished yet so many being obese. There are never endings of what if’s. So, the world is unfair and what you can do is just to make the best out of it. (Easier said than done)

I am now very disturbed. Seriously, very disturbed. My aunt used to tell me that if things are petty enough, just let it go. I have always tried to. I think ever since I set my foot out to study in KL, I compromised on a lot of grounds. I have always been the stubborn one. The selfish one. The inconsiderate one. Of course, many many more to that never ending list… I never deny.

There are many a times which I think I failed terribly to be nice and considerate. Especially recently where I am so stubborn to the max regarding one matter. Sometimes, I even ask why I care? Maybe I should just also compromise on this ground and live life. If I am the only one who is trying to NOt want something, I am wondering why are others being so nice as to compromise and accept my selfish wants.

I am such a worry-wreck; if someone stands by what I want, I worry they will feel very deprived YET when they do not, I feel its so hard on me! I feel so like I can’t breathe! I want to hide into a burrow now! Let’s go live in desert! (Too much of Environmental Science: A South-East Asian Perspective)

P.s. Ann, I think your mom’s correct! Her words are ringing inside my ears now.

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