First of October

[Emo expression]
I move into this month alone without my group of friends here
[Done emo-ing]

HAHA~~ Failed lah! But I do miss them a lot! Friday please come earlier!! TYee will be back then! JY also! Shane too! Don’t know when his sister-assumed-gay-boyfriend OPPS..will be back cause he did not tell me! Ying Xuan will be back too! =))

I miss Ann too. How is it like living in a refrigerator? Maybe you would like to update your blog in response to my question about your MSN personal message?

Ann and I (June 2008)

Anyway, today I miss my baby sister a lot more! (I am sure Ann you miss her too! But of course you MUSt miss me more! =P)

My baby sister is extremely cute and hyperactively naughty! She is just four years old (A real big age gap!) It makes the fact that I want to pamper her more. And she gives great hugs and kisses! =)) She would come knocking at my door (back in Brunei of course) and come in to disturb me when she got the chance. As a matter of fact, she only knocks IF I lock my door. HAHA

This is the naughty girl!
(whom LLM says is NOT cute!) how dare he!

I love talking to her though she could not really comprehend what I say. She is a slow learner in terms of speech. But believe me when i say she is a fast learner in other aspects! She is so naughty! When she was just two years old (!!!), she knew how to open the cupboards to form a ladder and climb up the cupboard to get what she want!

This is her again in June 2008.
It was so sweet of her.
My dad bought her two yoghurt and she saw me sitting in a table alone.
She came with the yoghurt and gave me.
She even sat beside me and eat with me =))
I love her to bits.
Sighh being the youngest is so nice!
You will have loads of sisters and brothers to pamper you and to care over you!

Before she was three, she already knew how to play the DVD player and switch on the television. She can even adjust the volume IF she can reach the system control high up the cupboard! She never for once put the DVD/VCD on the flip side. Or is it called the wrong side?!

My sister. I am the second in my family.

When i was chatting with my sister just now, she told me my baby sister:

  • use blanco (or what you all here in Malaysia call as — liquid paper) to DRAW on the televeision screen in my room back in Brunei!!!
  • she glued some papers over the sofa set in my room!
  • many others which my sister is lazy to tell. But I bet there are more funny things

Had it been others who did that, I would have bombarded them and make them drown in my saliva and tears! Yeah, I am biased. Oh well, this is love!~ I love my baby sister. =))

Have to mention my cute and naughty brother who answer me that he is flirting with some girls when I ask him what he is doing! HAHA..He is the nicest brother one can get but the worst brother at the same time (Nobody is perfect what!?) And sometimes when he refuse to help me, that is when he is at his worst =P


I slept very little and went to library in the morning once again (Tuesday)! Dr Kan is non-existent! ==” OK OK..I just do not know where he is. He is way more busier than our Deputy Head of School (Prof. Song)!! Urghhh fed up with him! Fed up with BTH! And the freaking brochure is 20% (sure can die already) But I am lazy to put so much effort into it anymore

Forget about that, was going to mention some other things but forgot already! Urghh what is wrong with my head? Anyway, was so hungry when I came back from library that I went to Poolside cafe to order a take away. felt like eating something spicy so called curry chicken rice! (OMG seriously, something must have gotten into me then!) But it was NOT that spicy.


Serious!! NOT spicy! Ok my nose did go runny but I thought it was acceptable. And probably I was very hungry, i finished everything! =)) I would not mind ordering it again next time =))

After my so called dinner at about 6pm, I went into my room. Door left open as usual. Somebody came knocking. I thought it was Bee Fong playing around. So I answered in a formal way, “Come in!”


Its a random girl who just came into my unit and into my room! HOW did she get in? The unit’s door automatically lock one ok? It was freaky but she was looking for an Indonesian girl, long hair, with specs, study in Monash, take BIO1011. NO SUCH PERSON IN MY UNIT OK? She wanted to ahve BIO1011 practical book! I have it of course. I took that last semester. Then she asked for quiz just as if she knew I have it. (Being angelic *puke*) I gave her! But she does not have her pen drive with her. She left and KEEP the unit door opened. Being scared, went to close it and talk to my room mate, Sulyn!

When she came back, I did not want to do anything mean Who knows later she jampi me? Especially now I like the word jampi so much! So i just gave her! i do not even know her name. She left and Bee Fong came out and asked me IF I AM SURE THAT I AM TALKING TO A HUMAN! OMG

Few minutes after, she came back! KNOCKING very hard on the door! OMG i am terrified lah! She told me she want the other quiz database and not the one i gave previously! Sulyn was trying to get me to confront her and tell her how freaky she is and all! Oh well…I am meek! Just gave her and asked her name. Off she go! (I also did that cause she does not look mean and I am going to move out anyway)

Just hope that we won’t see her in the headlines sometime after stating that *touch wood* she had an accident or went missing since don’t know when all those stuff! i am terrified of ghost ok?


Oh I have a Mongolian new housemate. Y’all know right?! Never talked to her and today I got the courage and went to ask her..i did not interrogate her..Just asked, IF..IF she saw my spoon! Arghhh …my spoon is still playing hide and seek!!! She said no. And i got to know her name is URAN! And she is so soft-spoken unlike me and so sweet! The was she talk was so sweet and had I been a boy, I would be thinking that she is flirting with me!!! HAHA


Oh yeah.. So sad! I did my E rat quiz already. i persuaded Shane and Zen Xern to do it too. We all ended up not getting full marks. I do not mind about mine. BUt i felt so guilty to Shane and Zx. WHY? cause FIMTAN HAS THE DATABASE NOW! I admit, Khoo sent me but when I clear my “My received files” I deleted all together and run my CCleaner without second thoughts. I felt paiseh to go ask from Khoo again. AND so did not lo!! =(( So sorry! (Sincerely) those who haven’t do, please go find Fimtan and get the database!! Luckily TY and JY haven’t do it

P.s. My post today is very colourful..BECAUSE I AM MISSING PATRICIA TAN SIEW YUEN! Breaks are over for Curtin I think. How is Australia? Like a fridge too? Emily should be very bust too! She has not been updating her blog!!!


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