C’est la vie

Its very easy…

“When someone is in difficulty, just lend a helping hand.

Take out your gentleness and express it.”

That Japanese drama really cost me more than just one litre of tears.

One Litre of Tears.

Worth watching.

Worth re-watching.

Worth watching when you are depressed and do not know what to do.

Worth watching when you just feel like crying.

Worth watching when you feel like crying but can’t cry.

Worth watching when you just feel like life is so boring.

Worth watching for any reason.






Just to understand how to appreciate life.

Just to understand how fragile life is.

Just to understand how blessed you are.

Be grateful with life. Treasure life. Its worth everything.

Remember, unconditional love~~

That’s when “I am sorry (for the trouble) turns to Thank you (for the help)”


Later I am going to meet my aunt (Ah Nin) using public transport. Not by taxi!!

Do not want to start my day with motion sickness.

But if I am late/lost, shall resort to it as last choice!

Thanks a lot to Khoo and Shane for helping me to know how to get to the Legend Hotel.

And to Arvind too! =)) Thanks a lot.

Hope I won’t get lost =))


I am so sorry to a certain someone but I really do not mean to.

Just hope you understand.

What you mentioned made me felt like hating myself so much.

I start to hate explaining.

Takes too much effort.

Too much to bear.

Too much a cost to revert to anti-socialism.


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