Day Out with Ah Nin 02102008

Spent the whole 1st of October crying!! HAHA.. was watching One Litre of Tears and wanted to fnish it since its just 11 episodes. So I watched till morning but when half way through the last episode (3 am) my head was spinning and aching terribly. Probably i cried too much or I was thinking too much about someone/something
I just figured I shall leave the drama at where it is and hit the sack. My head was still aching!! Sooner or later, I just dozed off. I woke up at 7.30am (I actually set my alarm to 7am but figured I shall give myself an extra half hour) So woke up and get myself ready to go out. But I do not feel nice to just leave my drama there. So spent another half hour to finish watching it.

Got off hostel at 8.35am! Walked about fifteen minutes to get to the intended bus station, reaching at 8.50am. Was waiting and waiting. I set the time till 9 am. If the bus was not there yet, then I shall just walk off and get a cab. At 9am, there were more than five buses passing by and stopping alike. The last one (cause I boarded it so its of course the last one lah!) was…

T623 (Thanks to Wen Hao and Shane =D)

The trip to Kelana Jaya station took more than 15 minutes (as Shane said it is supposed to be about fifteen minutes) But not far..its 18 minutes!! HAHA..and when we reached, I was so stupid because I did NOT realise we reached. Thinking WHY is everyone getting off the bus??? Quickly I stood up and followed! HAHA. Though I was the last, I got to the ticket counter FIRST. WHY? cause I used the stairs and the others were using escalators (just standing there and wait ==”) Just a short point, did you know why there is an escalator? It is to make you go quicker. Unless you are tired, what is the point of using the escalator? ==” (do not be so lazy lah!)

Random view out of the Monorail

Anyway, I got my route right until Masjid Jamek station where I got LOST. Yeah but I did not panic. I started wandering around trying to find my way. I think I even reached Pasar Seni which is a station before Masjid Jamek! LOL.

The place where i was lost

I was very calm but started to worry because I would be late. It was already 10am, the proposed meeting time! Urghhh HATE being late! So no choice, I just hopped on a taxi (by meter YAY!) and got to Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Just right beside The Mall and PWTC

The MallThe place where the taxi left me at (The brown pondok there).

Finally, in the lobby aread and got in another lifts. They have two lifts. one general one and the other one for the rooms.

In the lift, SS-ing.
greeted by two lil lamps, dim environment (just how a hotel should be)

Was out at the door. try to see what is wrong?

A five star hotel apartment suite. No bells???

Hui Zhen opened the door for me. My aunt was still in the bathroom! Others just woke up. So i stayed in hte living room of the apartment suite first.

Spot my shoes haha (lame)
As usual, take the picture of the view.
See my reflection and the pool? HAHA (bored)

Found out Jeffrey (my cousin who loves Crayon Shin Chan a lot and looks/acts a tad bit like him when he was younger) did not come on the trip. My aunt (Ah Nin) just finished shower and both her friends just woke up! =(( So much for worrying that I will be damn late! But then its alright because I shared a long lost conversation with Ah Nin. Got to know she came back from a CRUISE trip! OMG. She started off from Singapore, reached Penang, then Phuket then come to KL, then back to Kuching! So FUN!

Ah Nin and me =))
Michelle (in black) and Hui Zhen (in blue/white)
The place in Sungei Wang where we had breakfast lunch

About noon (finally), we had breakfast lunch at a quite famous retaurant. In Sungei Wang. probably a lot of people know about it except me.

My breakfast lunch

Then we went shopping in Sungei Wang or was it BB Plaza? Ditto! Just know that it is ever so boring lah! Sighh! Went there a few times. Just hte most interesting one is to see Yoga get my camera! HAHA.. Anyway, Hui Zhen went with Michelle while I (of course) go with Ah Nin =))

Bought some stuff in Sungei Wang only and went off by taxi to Midvalley! Freaking taxi drivers! Want to charge us RM 20 for that trip which cost only RM9 (because it was public hoilday so they added some charges). Lucky to get some bad there which go by meter!! =)) Went for Oreo Berries Mcflurry in McD before continuing shopping hehe. Had to finish it up quickly because a pregnant women with her daughter was looking for a seat. (i am just so angelic AT TIMES.)

Midvalley is much more my shopping place even though I prefer sight seeing to shopping. But oh well, it has been long that I did not shop for clothes, body products etc. So, tag along and was happy =)) Ah Nin got me half jacket (which I have been searching.) I have got the long sleeve one but then I wanted something with ruffles and also short sleeve one. Got it in Colours.
And because we bought more than RM150, got a voucher!!! Whoever needs it? I do not know if I will ever use it. So, if you want, come have it from me ok?
Ah Nin got me mask from Skin Food too. Thanks a lot but I still do not feel nice about it. especially when she gave me so much pocket money! Maybe I should be thinking of buying that Nintendo DS Lite? or the epilator? NO! should try and ask my uncle to give her back the money! I tried to but she just say that it had been too long that she did not meet me. Oh well… I will still try. I might be going to Kuching (between Jan and Feb 2009) and Thailand (end of 2008 – tentatively)

Had a drink before going back!

Then we went back to hotel. Tha taxi driver charged us RM10 for the trip which cost only RM3.50! OMG. He put hte meter on saying that we shall still pay RM10 because by meter would still be RM10! but we shopped too much to be bothered. Too tired leh! ==”
Had dinner in Sri Petaling street. OMG its all hawkers but I am starting to like hawker food. They might not be really hygenic but that is where all good food starts! =)) Came specially for this stall…The clay pot rice. Erm..I would love it more had it been spare ribs instead of chicken! HAHA we ordered ikan bakar and a plate of baby bak choy with oyster sauce. the ikan bakar is totally spicy and got the fishy smell! ewww… I did eat tho. The vegetable is so ordinary lah. quite good. No pictures of those HAHA.
Bought some stuff before eating. Bee Cheng Hiang. Love them but you get sorethroats easily after having a lil too much! LOL
See their competitors? Just by one word then its their (Chinese) name! Is their business good there with Bee Cheng Hiang’s big neon red light??? HAHA Wo Lai Ye (another one competitor) is good too =))
Anyway, in the middle of our dinner (more to the end lah) It started to drizzle. Sighh… But the hawkers were so efficient in pulling a shade over and all. But still water leaked…
Who knows there was this shaded part where you can still eat comfortably? urghh..but nevermind lah. we were almost done then! =P
Ah Nin catch a taxi for RM15 and off we go back to the hotel. It was intended that we go shop in Pataling street (IS THERE anything there? sheesh! Lucky it was raining) then from there I can catch a taxi and go back to Sunway. cause it was raining, so I went back to hotel with them. Then called Public Cab (the most trusted one I think HAHA)

AND right after calling, my mobile was flat! Kena #^%*&(*) you as a girl, how can you come out with a phone uncharged? what if this and that. yada yada yada Forced to go up to the room and cahrge my phone while waiting. Came a call: “Sorry Miss, no taxi!” OMG sighhh..sharged my mobile for a little while longer then went off. Ah Nin was having a headache then, so I went down myself. Lucky enough to get a taxi right then. He is a Malaysian but stayed in Brunei for three years before. His father’s first wife is a Bruneian mah. And his mom (the second wife is Malaysian) HAd a good chat with him and reached safely. A tiring day indeed! Went off to sleep at 11pm. thanks to Shane for hte morning call. But i am having my headache once again. I do not want to go back to bed! I want to blog. Later I shall do my ENV and BTH! PROMISE!


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