sTartIng Tim3: I did this from bottom up. Probably started at 11am. Now is about 11.40am. So yeah..hehee

How dare yo uread my blog and not know my name? HAHA

three! =))

Only one. i so hope to have an elder brother

Shoe size:
Varies depending on shoes.
For sneakers:
European Size – 38
US size – 5 (but 5.5 can also)
UK size – 7 (sometimes 8 also)

Less than 160cm. Not so sure.

Where do you live:
Currently stays in Sun-U Residence Sunway.

Favourite drinks:
Loads but not those black carbonated ones and also not coffee please thanks!

Favourtie breakfast:
With family and friends. I enjoy meals with others not just the food! but prefer western style and aslo of course Chinese one =)) Not so keen on nasi lemak but then sometimes will do.

Have you ever been on a plane:
few times.

Swam in an ocean:
I don’t know how to swim! =(( But I never played in hte waters of an ocean. The sea got lah. (Sea is the one by the beach right? Ocean is those where you cannot see the ends one right?)

Fallen asleep at school:
Vivian — now I tell you i do not. OK OK i did once HAHA.but that was wehn I had fever and was feeling real bad. My school was great and whenever i got boring, I start chattering away. Noisy small class I had back then. Real nice =))

Broken someone’s heart:
Yeah. oh well, i do not mean it what?!

Fell of your chair:
HAHA maybe I did! lol. can’t really remember!

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
Have I ever? Not in my memory for now. But I used to talk on the phone for few hours most of the nights last time. I miss talking to Orange for few hours!!!

Saved emails:
Never but I do put a star over them. that is one of the function in gmail.

What is your room like:
back in Brunei its very messy when I got out of it but will automatically become squeaky clean wehn I go into it (thanks to my maid =D) Here in sunway, MUAHAHAHA…very dirty lah!

What is right beside you:
A packet of tissue and some bread I bought last two days

What is the last thing you ate:
I did this tag from bottom up. AND i answered a question similar to this. So go read. OMG. this tag seriously loves repeating questions!

Ever had chicken pox:
uhuh. forgot when though

Sore throat:
I get it four or five times a year. It has got to be like the temperate seasons! HAHA A doctor actually wanted me to cut off my tonsils LOL but then… my voice would be very very deep! So..haha..like its not deep enough now?

Never had one. My cuts were never that deep.

Broken nose:
Er…i do not think so. But my nose is a bit off one side..so I MIGHT??? LOL

Do you believe in love at first sight:
err..i do not think so. i think that should be LUST. haha. Love does not just occur like that. I always have the thought that love grows.. You nurture it and it will grow and blossom. It takes time and care.

Like picnics:
YEAH! but not having much trips like this here =(( (let’s go picnic!!!)

Who was, were the last person you danced with:
Yeung Yung Lin (during the dance practice last time)

Last made you smile:
The taxi driver last night. we were talking baout how boring life in Brunei was haha

You last yelled at:
can’t remember but I do not think I did yell recently (i am also very gentle *puke*)

Today did you

Talk to someone you like:
Yeah I like Shane so counted lo. He gave me a morning call mah (I like all my friends =D, don’t tell me you don’t because otherwise you won;t call them your friends!)

Kissed anyone:
Yes, too many times. But MOSTLY my baby sisters and baby cousins! =)) I miss them too =((

Get sick:
serious headache and cough. Flu died down. But still want to blog! =P

Miss someone:
I did this tag from the bottom up. So you read further down and see. Answer to one of the questions is the same. =P

I took one and a half hours to finish a lil mug of oat HAHA

Best feeling in the world:
being loved and KNOW about it

Do you sleep with stuff animals:
Back in Brunei, yes. But tend to wake up with runny nose because they collect dust. Here in Sunway, my bed is quite empty HAHA

Whats under your bed:
HA! Same as Vivian, hair and dust. Inches thick! Never put things under my bed one. do not feel nice!

Who do you really hate:
Hate is a strong word. I re-iterate, hate IS a strong negative word.

What time is it now?:


Is there a person who is on your mind now:
No..not only one. got a lot of people whom I am missing now!!!

Do you have any siblings:
Yeah! Including me, FIVE =))

Do you want children:
Ertm, they are cute when you do not have to take care of them. but when you become a parent, it will certainly be another story!

Do smile often:
Smile? i laugh even but depends also lah! But not that I am alwyas emo, depressed, lol

Do you like your hand-writing:
At times which is very very very rare~~

Are your toe nails painted:
Lazy. My sister can manage to change her nail colours EVERYDAY. She is crazy!

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:
Anyone as long as it is clean but prefer those nicely made beds. Hotels one are pure luxury (No, I do not want to go back to Fantasia Beach Resort, thanks for your offer! [You know who you are lah!~~])

What colour shirt are you wearing now:

What were you doing at 7p.m yesterday:
Having dinner with Ah Nin, Hui Zhen and Michelle.
*went to check phone call details*
Yeah. was on the phone with shane for about 2 minutes. He called at 6.59pm. So at 7pm exactly, on the phone with him lo.
Thus, it was on hte way to have dinner..still ahve not have dinner HAHA

When did you cry last:
Yesterday morning! One Litre of Tears!!! Go watch nad re-watch ok?

Are you a friendly person:
I can be but sometimes i am just..anti-social?

Do you have any pets:
Not for now. Used to have fish. Lots of dogs (but my uncle one). Another dog called Samson. the one and only that I got real close with. The one which loves to drool. He is from Australia. So he drools a lot when he was imported into heaty heaty Brunei! He passed away..=((

Where is the person you have feelings for right now?
At home. Woke up. Online.

Did the last person held hands with mean anything to you now:
My Ah Nin holding my hands. Motherly love? care? Up to how you want to put it. But its love. =))

Do you sleep with the TV on?:
I do at times when I watched till I fell asleep. My room would be locked and so no one can help me off it. At times, I even forget to off the lights. (If I ever forgot to lock my room door, my dad will secretly off the lights.) well, I know cause I can feel the lights going off (duh~)

Have you ever crawled through a window?:
erm I think so! HAHA (yes, quite many times)

Can you handle the truth??:
I love knowing the truth. AND most of the times, prefer people to be truthful to me =)) How I handle it will be my problem and I am positive I can =)) Cheers to life! =))

Are you too forgiving?:
Certainly not. I am forgiving only in certain aspects. I can be angry and not talk to someone for THREE years. YEARS. yes. IMAGINE. I am not going to pretend to be a real angel and understanding at all times.

Are you closer to your mother or father?:
I have no choice but to say its my dad but I am of course closer to my aunt and uncle.

Who was the last person you cried in front of?
My lappie? OK OK not counted. Erm but Sulyn was around. So yeah.. can be her =))

How many people can you say you’ve really LOVED?
I don’t know. Define “LOVED”. I think its not a simple thing you just say and its like that clear cut at all

Do you eat healthy?:
Muahaha..get me my maid. even with a maid, I still do not eat healthy lah! HAHA

Do you still have pictures of you and your ex?:
Never taken any.

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?:
countless times. People who say that they do not care what other think and say are crazy. SERIOUSLY!

If you are having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?
(No idea) If Ann is around, I will of course go to her! =)) *I miss you!*

Are you loud or quiet most of the time?:
I talk very loudly but can be very quiet (not specifically because of emo-ing, just feel not like talking. I am an anti-social most of the time. Sorry for being so quiet at times.)

Are you confident?
When the time comes I will be.
Mostly thanks to those presentation I have to give since Secondary One up till A Levels

3 things i was doing 10 years ago:

Snacks i enjoy:
depends a lot on my mood. But prefer crispy snacks

3 of my bad habits:
weak at heart

3 places i have lived in:
Brunei — KB House/Jangsak House/Mata Mata House
France — Neuilly Sur Seine (I still remember the address OMG!)
Malaysia — Sunway

people I tag:
Not going to tag anyone I guess haha


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