Conmen in Sungei Wang

Place: Sungei Wang Plaza
Shop: No name. But has two neon signs; one is Sony, one is Canon. Sells canon camera inside too!
Time: Between 1pm to 2pm
Date: 2nd October 2008
What happened: nearly tricked into buying dunno-made-of-what-shit-Wii
Victims (nearly): Ah Nin and I

OMG..Serious man! We just saw a shop selling Wii and went into enquire the price. In a very rude (like I-do-not-think-you-are-a-potential-customer) way, he tell us its RM750. Actually Rm780.

What is included? The whole thing is there, it is original, not modified. BUT NO GAMES INCLUDED. Fully understood.

But Ah Nin wanted to make a call to ask Jeffrey about it and also her sister who now lives in Brunei. So we went out and figure it first. At the same time, I contacted Zen Xern but failed. He was sleeping then. But soon after he messaged me. So I asked him about Wii and what choices are good and all. He helped and gave lots of good ideas =)) Thanks so much! =))

In between, before going back to the shop for the second time, Zen Xern asked me to find out the name of the shop. I was in awe to see that there was no sign board stating its name. HOW COME YOU CAN HAVE A NAMELESS SHOP? So, I went in to get his business card. His swift answer: “My business card just finished”. AS IF HIS BUSINESS IS VERY VERY GOOD. Yeah lah all by crook one mah

Nevermind about that, I then asked for their shop name. He jus simply say its “China One” I had to ask him repeat even because he said it too quickly and was sort of mumbling. He was looking at the floor even ==”

Soon, Ah Nin came into the shop and both of us started questioning the guy. We told them we are interested in buying the set. BUT WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE WHOLE GIZMO THINGY! So Ah Nin asked if there are any accessories that are “MUST-BUY” one so that you can start playing once you got the whole set. He asked us to get a TV CABLE for RM500 (siao one ar?) We said its not important and so he started to explain saying there is this original one and the modified one. Then would recommend to buy the modified one. I would choose the modified one too of course!

Then we settled on the modified one BUT there are again THREE CHOICES. RM1200, RM1400 and RM1600. He started explaining the differences about Japan and USA versions which made me real blur. He started on the “region” thingy stating that Japan one can only play certain regions while USA one can play all! AND HE QUOTE THE PRICE TO BE RM1600 which is the USA MODIFIED VERSION.

Zen Xern checked online and it was baout Rm1300 for USA version. Brunei modified USA version is about BND600 which is around the price Zen Xern quoted. i was on the phone with Zen Xern and came back in awhile, Ah Nin wanted to settle it and wanted to get the set already. THAT STUPID GUY CAME UP WITH A PRICE RM1900++. Is he crazy or what???

FROM RM750 TO RM1900++? The market price is only about RM1300++!!! Luckily we did not settle. All this must thank Zen Xern!!! we left for Midvalley then. Pheww… luckily did not buy but Jeffrey must have been disappointed. But nevermind lah! He still has his PS2 LOL


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