Facebooking + Gratitude & Appreciation

ON 4th October, we went to Sunway Foyer to do our work.

Cause hostel internet suck and i just want to accompany Tee Yee
No lah, find reason to hang out with them. So long did not see them mah

Ms Tan Tee Yee had been trying not hard enough to complete her work.

She was/is addicted to Facebook.
So outdated. We played that like how many years ago
See all those notifications?! Sighh long time did not play!Should I just click on that “Ignore all” link?But now she become more expert than me already.

But looking at all those cute fluffies made my day~~
So happy =))
Cow (with love spots) so cute!!

On a random note:
Shane got his DSLR.
So fun to play with.
I love rotating what-ever-you-call-that-knob to focus.
A pic I took of my unfinished lunch using his DSLR.
This is the postcard TY gave me =))
I love postcards, snail mails or anything that come in to me sent via mail.
Just shows how much one will take the time to write and send
and its good memories.
Thanks =)) *but no need pay Rm5 one*

She also got me some stickers. Extremely cute one!!
I had so much fun sticking them on MY properties hehe.
On my tarot cards =))
Thanks once again =))

LLM also got some food back from Penang.
DodolSome kind of biscuit!
Actually similar to those Shane helped me buy! But its individually packed! =D
never thought he would buy or get me something from Penang, really appreciate his gestures =))
Thanks a lot =))


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