Updates of today

  • Finals about to come in less than three weeks. AND I am not in the mood to study. Sighhh (no motivation at all)
  • Woke up at 10.30am this morning but then did NOT study/revise/do anything related to the upcoming finals.
  • Enjoyed a “Royale Black Forest Flirt” Not bad =)) Been sometime I did NOT have any. I love it being a bit sourish yet sweet =))
  • Had dinner with Bee Fong. She is a bit crazy now due to the fact that it is her last semester.
  • Went to use the photo printing machine. Spent Rm7 HAHA… fun =)) And just to get some small change of RM1 notes, went to buy kaya in People’s store LOL I don’t know why, but inserting money into a machine is kinda fun
  • Played with coloured papers, corrugated papers, scissors, gam glue, etc… just because I do not want to revise Played from 12noon until 7pm!! HAHA
  • Moving out of hostel to a cosy unit keeps on floating in my mind. Feels happy about it. Excited would much more describe how I feel. But that would be next year’s thing!

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