WHY? Why am I not updating normally?

Ok.. I have to define my “normally”? To me, not updating in three days time is counted long and of course, not normal. Unlike for some people who thinks updating less than ten times a month as normal. I have been studying playing real hard in university. In library, precisely! HAHA
OH well, exams are near and I think its time to really start revising and all! But I can’t help but just slack! I have been treating my book as a story book! I read through it without much thought! That is why I finished reading Biotechnology! But I did not actually memorise or remember anything! ==”

Looking at the rain hitting on the window while revising!

I am worried but I could not get myself to work hard enough! I am trying..but I am failing too!! No matter what, I have decided not to give myself any pressure. I shall let time put the pressure on me. When its near, I will eventually study! Oh well, I have always been a very last minute person. But with this guy…

Yes! He really sat on the window sill in a discussion room!

Some how, I will remember its the time to start revising [though a bit early — three weeks are still early to me! =((] Last semester, I had been hiding in his unit revising with him. Looking at him revising sometimes just remind me that I should be revising too! [Seriously, if you look at him, you will sure think that he is those who just fool around and not study. True enough, he always “ki siao” (become crazy???) and “cho siao” (do crazy stuff???) with TY but also knows when to get serious!]
It has always been nice to study around with friends. You can choose to ignore them when you want to study but when you got restless, just go and disturb them! Uhhh~~ THAT’S WHAT I DO! =P yeah my attention span is very very short! =(( So I have to alwyas pop some candies into my mouth or go around playing and fooling with my friends. Like him? HAHA..look at the picture carefully!

Eat my foot!

HAHA..that was Lean LAME Lee Ming by the way if you can’t make it out! =P I asked him to look into the relective glass and he did! SO, eat my foot! =P He is fun to play around with cause he is not temperamental. Unlike some people. I do not want to play with that some people also but he keep on interfering! Sheesh! play yourself lah when people did not invite you to play also

Its fun to play while studying. If not, you might end up crazy! HAHA.. For example, Lean LAME Lee Ming forcing himself into a corner..Or like Tan Tee Yee.. sleeping Studying under her jacket in broad day light!But most probably they were just secretly sleeping…

They are not really as hardworking as said!
(No lah! Studied till tired then rest lo!)
Lean LAME Lee Ming

So chill! Study like I do! =P Yeah, I am un-ladylike at all! I put my legs up where ever I go, even in the library itself! opps Next semester i will learn from Michelle Tan Sze-Fan how to PRETEND to be ladylike ok? Aiyah since its free, I shall learn to entertain people lah! HAHA

So you see, in that previous picture, there were so many post-it notes! Let you all have an “insight” of what we wrote =P

Lee Ming writing
TY with her vampire post-it note!
Had to really agree on being silence since we talk so much all the time!
But..really..failed! HAHA

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  1. 1

    God bless you all, the restless ones… Haha… But it’s really good as you all take the initiative at least to study together…

  2. 2

    Seeing the word normally makes me think of normal distribution… Haha… So is your blog updating normally distributed? If it is, what is the mean, and what is the variance? haha…Forgive me… Actuarial Science students are too siao…

  3. 3

    Le rêveur said,

    HAHAHA! actually ahhh…when i first heard of actuarial science, i tot u all would learn about birds HAHA.. but oh well… all numbers again..so siao! lol nvm lah as long as good money rolls along after that! =P

  4. 4

    What makes you think that we would learn BIRDS? haha… I cant see why…

  5. 5

    Le rêveur said,

    don;t know haha..jus plain instinct! lol.. probably at that time i dunno what “actuary” means yet! haha

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