Hope for things to be better

Just when I think everything is coming to an end, a happy one I presume, and I am down with the fact that it is NOT the end! Am I too emotional over some things? I take it too hard. Maybe I should just let nature takes its course and show me what should it be like. But Ann said it right always, I can never do so even if I want to. I am always disturbed about things, no matter how minor! I just so hate how I am always like this


Michelle questioned me on how I am in a state of unjust after reading my previous post. I told her this is not applying to me. The injustice is not upon me. Fairness or not, its a matter of relativity. Definitely to me its like that! When there is no comparison, how are you going to say that you are deprived of something or that you actually are blessed with something? I am not going to tell you I am deprived because I certainly know and am aware that I am NOT! I am in fact very blessed to have loving uncle and aunt supporting me all along despite growing up without the nurture of my parents. Do not give me sympathizing look because i do not deserve those.


Anyway, I planted a carrot top last week but it went rotten so I threw it into the bin. Then, when I came back in the evening, I saw one new carrot top that is just going to grow! OMG… Bee Fong lied and say she picked up my rotten one from the bin! I NEVER BELIEVED THAT haha.. not so gullible! It was Yan Wan planting it there =))

The carrot with its shoots (Yan Wan)
I just planted this last night I think
The potato “eye” Wonder if it will grow (hehe)

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