30th October 2008 (10 pm)

This is a scheduled post.

I am so gonna miss my room mate and my housemates!

Seriously…when will you ever go facebooking revising in your room and hear someone shout: “Fast! Fast! Come OUT! Its the end of the world!!!

HAHA..that was Bee Fong because she saw part of the sky was orange in colour. Seriously, she stood there many nights. OUTSIDE at the patio area to revise for exams. People had been looking from the opposite building down to our unit. Staring at her doing her revision! HAHA.. (Oh well, she has her own way of revising. Who cares how you revise when you can get HD’s???)

According to Tee Yee, the sky has always been like this at night. BUT i doubt so because I also go out to the patio many a times just to stare at the sky, looking at stars (which you can’t observed usually cause of the haze). That was the first time I saw the orange part.

AND according to Lee Ming, I was crazy! ==” He said its lights from Sunway Pyramid. Hmm..probably but why other nights, I never see before one? HAHA

OH well, forget those. The most funny thing was my room mate, Sulyn, went to make a “short documentary” of the “phenomenon” HAHA.. presumably for her grandchildren. HAHA

I have such cute and nice roommate and housemates =D
I (hearts) them!!

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    I noticed this when i came to PJ…. haha…. And I asked my housemate… She said it’s bcz of light around….

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