The naughty girl in my unit

This is a scheduled post.

The other day, I gave Sulyn a snobbish looking puppy. The puppy was not snobbish when I bought it. It turned snobbish under the care of Sulyn (HAHA!) No, its not a live one! (Ben, Sulyn’s boyfriend gave such a funny reaction that I could not stop laughing when Sulyn sms-ed him that I got her a puppy! HAHA) Oh well, he must have been real glad its not a real puppy HAHA

And few nights after that, on a totally random note, I was with Jeou Yee at the library after dinner. Sulyn suddenly called and used the puppy to talk to me! HAHA. AND of course I mimicked dog’s sound and “talked” LOL. I have such a fun roommate. I am so gonna miss her.

Amidst of my exams and I am thinking of all these… Awww… I will surely miss my this home (yes, i finally call it a home. Those who read my blog before then would know how reluctant i was to call this hostel with stupid curfew as my home! HAHA) a lot! =(( I think this is going to sound weird, but I think I will miss how she splashes water at me through the space between the ceiling and the shower room’s door when I am changing my clothes! And I am sure going to miss how she alwyas make lies seem so surreal. Make jokes seems so true that I am so silly to believe. But it was real fun!!!

I am glad Sulyn was part of my life..
I am glad Sulyn and I shared a journey..
I am glad to have Sulyn shared a room with me..

How far and big will our lives change after the parting?

Will our paths cross more than often?
I will sure miss you! S2

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