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Results OUT!

OMG..I was sleeping in my dad’s office Still feeling unwell mah AND woke up to find my laptop is logged off! i went to log in and saw many MSN blinking!!! ALL TELL ME RESULT IS OUT! Was so excited and nervous lah!

I was so happy to know my results and straight away called my aunt =D I SMS-ed my uncle just in case he is busy having a meeting or something I thought my uncle will praise me or give me some encouraging words. Who knows? He replied me: “Who is this?” I was dumb founded. Then I realised I am using my Brunei line to SMS him lah! He probably forgot all Brunei numbers other than fixed landlines HAHA My dad is terrible lo! Did not pick up my call. I went down to the restaurant from his office to find him not around! >< Nevermind, shall tell him when I see him soon

My lil sister’s result was also released today! She got the third position despite always getting scoldings for not wanting to revise. She has always scored well despite reluctant to revise. Congratulations to her!! =DD

My sister plan to either get her a pendrive or MP3. I think MP3 would be better. She is only in Primary Four! Why pendrive? ><"" But my sister not getting me any, she said! SO UNFAIR RIGHT? Anyway, I have been shopping online recently. Yesterday, my sister showed me some dresses in EBay! So..I now have to find ways to get her buy me the few dresses I saw on EBay! MUAHAHHAHAA

Congrats to everyone on their results =DDD

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24th – 27th November 2008 *updated*

Warning: A long post
Ok! Ok! My blog post has mostly been long. LOL

24th November 2008
It was a real tiring day for me. I tried to go to sleep but similar to last few days, I can only sleep after 5am! That is so crazy! How I hope I was like that during exam period! LOL Ok, its not that I wished to go back to exam period. It is just that when it was exam period, I always feel so sleepy!

But I promised my aunt to go hiking with her at 6am. No matter how hard it was, I just get myself up and about. Get ready and go to Tasek Lama once my aunt got to Mata Mata House to pick me. This time, Yan Yan (my little sister) tagged along. Once we got there, it was drizzling. So we just walked along the nicely paved road leading up to the reservoir. Once we got there, it stopped raining albeit the strong winds causing the rainwaters dripping off the trees like its drizzling. It was certainly insufficient exercise for my aunt and I although Yan Yan was seriously exhausted Nonetheless, we still walked into a new route from there and proceeded to hike over. Yan Yan was constantly out of pace and walked real slow. So when we got out of the small hill, we left her walking with Babalu (he is a frequent customer of my dad’s restaurant — been more than ten years) while my aunt and I hiked up the usual taller hill. It just took us fifteen minutes to go up and down =D *satisfying feel*

After that, we went to Jangsak House and showered. Then my aunt drove my cousin, my little sister, my baby sister and me back to KB House. =)) Been such a long time. I purposely wanted to go to meet my grandma. It has been more than half a year that I did not see her! After about one and a half hours of car drive, we reached the oil town, Seria. There, we had the famous noodle. opps.. my sisters have them but I had kueh tiaw =)) yum yum

After the breakfast, went back to KB House. It was dirty as no maid working because lack of manpower and so my aunt and I initiated cleaning the second storey of the house. Did not bother much about lower storey. It is tiring enough to clean one storey; and second storey was prioritised because my grandma mostly stays in the second storey

Found the bible! (I am not a Christian)
The plague I won unexpectedly (A Levels)
A lil handicraft I made when I was in my secondary years (unsupervised)
An old picture (LOL)
And that was my favourite bear
(most probably thrown away already)

It was all cleaned and done by noon. My other uncle was there and brought my sisters to (Kuala Belait Boat Club) KBBC. Meanwhile, I had a light lunch and went on to accompany my grandma; watched TV, eat some tidbits, chatted.. But I fell asleep HAHA.. oh well, I slept an hour only and went exercising, cleaning and all not to forget having car sick during the car trip!

I was moody when they wanted to go back to Gadong already because I napped for less than an hour and was awoken to get into the car.

One of the three entrances to KBBC
KBBC is a security protected guest house. I did not take a picture of the main gate as we drove in instead of parking outside (which is against the regulations)
Part of the restaurant interior of KBBC

We first went to KBBC to get my sisters. They were in the splash pool for THREE hours! LOL, my aunt and cousin gave them a shower while I walked around reminiscing my past childhood there.

The mini-playground
The “boat”
The splash pool (It was newly built, I never played in it)
The nice view
The river I once went kayaking in
Warnings Signboards
The dock (my youngest uncle used to fish here)
Some oil-related ships/barges

I slept through out the car trip =D My naughty baby sister too! She slept very little as she is too playful Was still exhausted when I reached my dad’s restaurant. Went to shop for some medicines and bandages for my baby sister. She is never afraid of the dogs in KB House. When my uncle carried her to go to KBBC in the afternoon then, one of the dog was jealous and bit my baby sister. Thus, we went to get some Betadine, Fucidin and bandages. Heard that it was not the first time she got bitten LOL

Went back to Mata Mata House, after my baby sis showered albeit reluctantly I gave her lil wound some dressing and flopped onto my bed, dozed into a deep sleep! That was 9pm! I slept till the next morning 6am! HAHA

25th November 2008
I woke up at 4am actually but continued to sleep till about 5.45am. Prepared myself and went hiking at Tasek Lama again =)) This time it drizzled again. But we do not feel like going back without any exercise. So, together with an umbrella each, we went up the hills! Luckily, it stopped raining soon after! Conquered them fully and it was really satisfying. While walking to the car park, it rained (quite heavily) Lucky for us as we had already completed our hike! hehe..

Right then, decided to go to Jangsak House to learn some cooking from Aunt Iti. hehe.. She was preparing for lunch then. I saw how she made fried noodles. Easy task I think hehe =P

Then my cousins have to attend in-house tuitions. I would be bored then because one of them would be using the mini-theater room. No TV for me! >I would have made Elmo’s cookies had he has any secret recipe HAHA.. Yeah, cause i love Elmo =PMy cousins then join me during their breaks to make cookies =)) it was fun heheSoon it was dinner time. Aunt Iti made the ladyfingers while I was still baking cookies. so I did not really see how she did the veggie dip. Fear not! I am good in following recipes HEHE.. I even had Wei Wei to take the pictures of what Aunt Iti did for me =)) I had always love to eat steamed vegetables together with the veggie dip! So my aunt brought me to a small market before going to Jangsak House and got some ladyfingers (aka Okra). I wanted to learn the cheese dip (great for celery and carrot sticks) but Aunt Itit does not know how! >I shall experiment with it again when I have the chance hehe

I had a heavy meal! real heavy one. My cousin’s grandma gave me loads of rice. She was telling me she shall gave me little only. If not enough, I shall get it myself again. So I did not give it much thought and when I started eating, I did not notice there was a lot of rice! >yet did not finish the rice But i tried my best. I know it is always courteous to finish what others gave you. But my stomach nearly burst ok?

The very nice dish Aunt Iti prepared! FISH =))

My cute cousins playing with me while having dinner. Yeah, as kids, we used to take hours just to finish one meal. HAHA.. sit around the dining table for one to two hours usually when we were kids. Now i am much better, i can finish one meal within half an hour especially exams period HAHA

GiGi pretending to be a dog! to entertain me
Wei Wei showing some skills playing that I-dunno-what-it-is-called-thing

Guess what? right after dinner, I fell asleep in the TV room! >My tiredness was attributed to me bring sick I seldom look sick when I am sick and sometimes, I am even unaware of it HAHA she got me some Panadols and Actifed. I actually planned to discard them some where. but thinking otherwise, swallowed them and nearly chocked! medicines are so yucky when i was trying to swallow them, I took in a rather big gulp of water, my throat hurt then after! urghhh!! Fall into my slumber again at 2am.

26th November 2008
Aunt Iti (as requested by me) woke me up at 6.30am. I followed my aunt to my dad’s restaurant. Saw John (one of the cooks in my dad’s) and hopped into his car to go back Mata Mata House. He was out to send the waitress to open the restaurant. My aunt was unable to send me to Mata Mata House because she need to attend a nursing conference near my dad’s restaurant at Rizqun Hotel.

My lil sister slept on my bed (so I could not rest!! =(() and just resort to watching some drama using laptop. Soon after, my parents woke up and we all went out to the restaurant. I continued watching drama until its 2.30pm to meet Yumni =)) Walked around town and was job hunting for Yumni hehe.. And I quote Yumni: “Can’t believe we are meeting up in Brunei!” HAHA yeah though we are Bruneians, but we never met in Brunei! HAHA I know I still owe you a tag. I shall do it once I finished blogging about my boring daily life and am free ok?
Got to meet Faezah and Hamdi too when they came to pick up Yumni. Faezah slimmed down a lot!!! I never knew those who come back to Brunei can slimmed down so much! Its always food here only ok? HAHA.. But she slimmed down cause of Dengue fever attack.. TWICE! ><

27th November 2008
Planned to go hiking with my aunt but then realised I have to attend a briefing/meeting at The Body Shop office even though I have not started work yet. Will start work on the 29th November! Sighh.. shall miss the chance to go to Empire Hotel and Country Club to watch French movie with my cousins! =(( but oh well, at least I have something to look forward to!

I attended the meeting at 8.30am and it ended well before 10am. There after, I have been editing pictures and updating my blog =)) A long and windy post yeah? HAHA Just for my own journal purposes =P

P.s. My Year One Semester Two results is coming out tomorrow!! (but bet it will be out by tonight!) I am excited!!! Yet terrified! Wish me all the best =))


WES Currently Unavailable
Due to scheduled maintenance, WES will be unavailable on Thursday the 27th of November from 4:30 p.m. until Friday the 28th of November at 12:00 a.m. (AEST). We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Urghhh more waiting ><""

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I am a lil unwell…

Yeah…I feel a lil heavy headed at times. Having tap water as a nose is sure nothing fun, especially when you cannot control the flow ><

There are so many things I wanted to blog about like:

  • my hiking for two consecutive rainy days,
  • going back to Seria for the noodle one and a half hour car trip ok?,
  • seeing my grandma after more than half a year,
  • self initiated cleaning campaign at KB house,
  • learnt some cooking with Aunt Iti in Jangsak house,
  • played with cousins whom I have not seen after the time in Paris with them,
  • cookies baking in Jangsak house after so long,
There were just many things that happened over these two days. I do not know if I would have the mood to blog about them. Probably I iwll upload some pictures when I feel better. My head is getting heavier by the minute second, i shall sleep soon.

It was a very heavy dinner I had just now, my cousins’ grandmother gave me thrice..OK OK..maybe it was twice my usual portion of rice. I had to force feed myself just like when I was in Penang with Zen Xern’s parents eating seafood but it was nothing bad. Just being courteous to finish what people have gotten for you =)) Really full and felt so tired despite a 9 hours sleep last night. Thus went to sleep at around 7.30pm till 11pm @@ After my medicines not sure if I am going to eat them I shall sleep once again!! >< Good night all!

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Sushi! =))

This is a scheduled post


Yeah bought from Escapade. Take away after 10pm would be half priced! (Just put them up to make some if not many drool! =P)

My baby sister’s favourite! Also mine =)) Wakame. I do NOT get to eat this in Japanese restaurants of Sunway.. Do not know why! =S

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I just can’t stop…

This is a scheduled post.

..telling everyone! XP

I want to show off my baby sister! She is just so cute ok? LLM and Jeou Yee are plain mean because they say my baby sis is not cute =P

She was wearing Elmo t-shirt ok? I likey

All these nights, she kept on coming into my room and refuse to leave. There was this night that i was supposed to get enough sleep as i was going to go hiking early in the morning at 6am. But thanks to my baby sister, I slept only at 3am++. She moved her pillow and blanket onto my bed and started to jump around and all. When I wanted to sleep, she laid beside me allowing me to hug her to sleep. But she was having hiccups and all. ><" After some while, my dad came in to get her out. My dad still wants her to sleep with him HAHA.. She threw some tantrums and cried. What a night! ==" But she is still very cute ok?


Then there was this night where she came in and started dressing up in my elder sister and my winter clothings! HAHA..

My sisters =D
My two younger sisters
My room is a mess! Too much clothes piling up and I am still shopping online =S
Not to forget the sofa set and dressing table moved into my room also made my room much more packed =S

She loves the camera too!

She kept walking around my messy room mumbling “Snowy Snowing” HAHA..

A nice snap! =))
She has lots of weird *poses*

She is so cute. Yes! I shall keep on saying my baby sister is very very cute =P Do not be jealousNotice my baby sister’s facial expressions! She is so naughty! She has lots of facial expressions. Wonder where she learnt them from HAHA

Her, pouting! X)
Unprepared for the camera
There is a flower there for some reason HAHA
She is still a kid mah
So sweet
Kissed me while I was trying to snap a pic of her X)

My mom brought her to cut her hair. She came back with a different look! Wanted to snap a picture with her and guess what? This was how the picture turned out…

Ferorcious! Do not cross her! HAHA
See her dirty pink shoes?
It is so worn out! And her feet are getting larger and yet she still wears it. It is just so comfortable I guess. =S
Just can’t have enough of her.
Match making time. Michelin Nicholas Tan, interested? HAHA

P.s. My room is cleaned =)) Guess my mom could not stand the state of my room and was tired of constantly asking me to clean yet I just do not budge! HAHA So she finally got Aunt Damas to clean my room! HAHA ok maybe I should not be so happy for having a clean room. Instead should be ashamed and keep quiet. OH! Whatever! =P

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I mentioned I spent a day sleeping in and also reading Xiaxue’s oldest blog posts (dating back to April 2003), right? There was no pictures at all. Do not ask me why because I seriously do not know [Firstly, why Xiaxue? Uhh..just want to find something to fill the boring void in my life as for now! before work starts! And Xiaxue is interesting! After reading her older posts, I find her more interesting.]

Xiaxue is seriously one blogger who only says blogs about what she really thinks. I wished to do so but I would prefer not to mention names and all. But I think that is actually pretentious so I have another way of being true to myself. Won’t say much as to how I can be true to myself when expressing myself with words for now But, yeah, I do have my own way! HAHA

Anyway, if I am not mistaken, Xiaxue would only be 19 (on 2003) yet she blogged a lot on the matter of “Sex” Well, perhaps not so directly. This is a matter less discussed openly. Again people sticking to their social norms Whatever! But she got me thinking whether what she typed was real regarding this post on Man. Anyone, please verify? I did ask Shane though. What I specifically want to know is whether this is true: “the hip bone hurts the inner thighs when a gal is sitting on the guy. It is not good to have protruding hip bones during sex…” Just plain curiousity ok? No I am not a cat so i will not die just yet

And I came across another of her post on friendship between a guy and a gal. Xiaxue said: “In Wendy’s dictionary: Friendship between a guy and a gal which is just purely friendship like it was if it was between two persons of the same sex. ” I always think so too. But when I stepped foot on Malaysia, the guys and certain girls keep on proving me wrong. But, no, I am not going to change my stance. I still thinks there is pure friendship between opposite sex! Whatever you all what to think!

Well, recommend you to read her post on that matter as it will give you more insight. From my OWN opinion, if the guy who thinks that the girl might have something more-than-friend-feelings for him is almost equivalent to him having something infatuation or chemistry? for that girl when in fact the girl feels nothing for him. As for the girl who thinks its impossible for opposite sexes to be friends, is because she befriends the guys thinking she will have chances to be more-than-friends with the guys or even just because she lust after them. It is that or she thinks that every guys who became her friends just because they like her thicked faced hor? HAHA

Oh well, though Xiaxue blogs what she truly thinks, it does not mean you all have to take in her everything because the world permits people to have different thoughts ok? As she said in the same blog post, “These are just my thoughts. It might not be true for everyone.. =)AND XIAXUE REALLY HAVE SO MUCH THOUGHTS ABOUT SEX! HAHA.. Now forgive me for being so uninformed there is even such thing as “fuck buddies”!! Oh god, she was 19 then..and I am now? TWO-O! o.O Oh well… there are more to be learnt and know as we keep on living everyday! >as in sexual fantasies? non-stop? For once, I do not lust over my friends or people around me. Or even those I see in virtual world (TV, internet, magazines, etc) OK maybe I am abnormal or maybe its Xiaxue who is abnormal? I don’t know!! =S [Please enlighten me, and if you wish to do so, you can be anonymous too! hehe]

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Themes! *updated*

Uhh I am so happy with Gmail coming up with the “themes” =)) There are many choices. I would love to get the “Beach” theme as I love beach a lot but then it is so dull!! =(( Beach is supposed to be a happy place!!
There are those cartoon ones even! So cute lah! Hehe.. This one is “Zoozimps”. (Notice that there is a guy hanging over the lil pop-up window where I was chatting with Shane)This is the “Candy” theme. It is so bubbly and nice =)) But I prefer something more to do with nature! =P (Look! The lil pop-up chat window also got a nice “nice” roof hehe)

And see some of the changes to their logo! =DI ended up choosing “Phantasea” theme. There are lots of themes related to nature but I do not like the brown hues accompanying them. Thus, chose “Phantasea”. My gmail now looks as such! =)) Can’t complain hehe

p.s. I just found out that the themes will change colour according to the time! =)) (I love the grenish yellowish hues more =D)
p.p.s. I purposely stayed home today to sleep in because last night, after chatting and showering at 2am, I did not sleep and watched CJ7 (I know, do not remind me please, I am so out-dated) I surf the net until 5.30am I lied to my dad said I slept at 4am when he tried to wake me up So I have been reading Xiaxue’s oldest blog posts! Her English improved remarkably. Thus, blogging actually helps improve English? HAHA

p.p.p.s. My sister’s first online order from Hong Kong arrived. Quality is not bad, I tried a tube dress. I did not expect myself to fit into it. And looks not bad. X) But oh well, my legs are too hideous! HAHA

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