After the second exam paper! 30th October 2008

My second paper was Environmental Science. The paper was a breeze (but we did study real hard) I hope I can get at least a credit! *fingers crossed* It was a cause to celebrate especially the first paper (Chemistry) was so sucky! Nonetheless, we had a dinner not to celebrate but it was planned earlier on by ZX.
We had Bak Kut Teh!!! been such a long time I had any. I think the last time I had it was when Ah Suan Yi Yi made it. Wonder where is she now? Hmm… She makes very nice red bean with black glutinous rice soup! She got a very cute daughter! She shares the SAME birthday as me even!Aww.. miss her!
Anyway, we had our bak kut teh here:This is where Jay Chou came to before! And some other hot shots. HAHA The food was not bad. =)) The best was a nice company to have dinner with. Its nice having dinner like this. Its like a big family gathering =)) I am going to miss this. ZX is going to Australia soon again. Sighhhh… Oh well, all the best ZX! =))

Our food:

Took a bus back and the bus was OURS! (well, temporarily and just for some distance HAHA) Shane took out his DSLR and was there flashing away! The bus conductor and driver were staring at us! (Bus conductor is the guy whom we pay and get the ticket right?)


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