Its holiday!!! =)) 9th November 2008

I slept till pretty late once again. Though there was a plan to wake up early to send LM, Shane and TY off. I was scared that I will be overpowered by emotions. So changed plan and did not go down send them off.

Right before 11am, went to meet my dad again. He was just back from Thailand then. He stayed back in hte same hotel called Impiana Hotel. Quite nice. But for the second time, he should have gone to The Ascott. He planned to go there but booked the wrong dates. So, he checked in randomly at Impiana Hotel.
Had lunch with him and shopped a little to get some things for my mom, brother and my aunt. Was boring. He was with his friends. They did not know where to go! BUT KL=SHOPPING ><”” Alright, I knew they wanted to eat but I do not! I am not a cow, where got four stomachs to put all the food in? ==” And and and… One of them did NOT want to use the trains. WHY? Its so fun riding a train!! Ok nevermind! It was raining when I was at Petaling Street. I do not want to go along with my dad to the hotel and get a taxi from there to go back. I decided to use the trains to get back to Sunway. Felt like its so long before I get to use it. It will be more than four months before I can sit on another train here =(( took my time to getting lost wander around the place to find a train station and finally got into Pasar Seni station. Reached back to hostel at 3.30pm plus. Rested for roughly half an hour, was out to Sunway Pyramid with Jeou Yee, Fimtan and ZX!

Had a full tea time at Ming Tian and continued to wander in Sunway Pyramid. Fimtan and ZX were job hunting! (Sangat bersemangat lah! They made me want to not have other thoughts but just go to The Body Shop to work when I get back to Brunei! – Yeah The Body Shop, Brunei offered me a part time job. AND I think I shall work and get more money to spend next year =D) Soon after we went to Popular. I love bookshops! Fimtan and ZX left without saying bye to me =(( Sheesh!

Jeou Yee and I even went to Jusco to look for them! But our movie was going to start. So, yeah we just left to get to the cinema! Boys Over Flowers. The movie version of Meteor Garden. Very funny! But was boring somewhere in the middle. I still love Rui’s character! =))

Right after movie, found out something embarrassing, and thus requested Jeou Yee to leave RIGHT AWAY! Oh well, we do not always want to know the reason.. so HAHA.. (Jeou Yee, you are sworn to secrecy and not to mention anything about it! =P) Shhhhh…


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