Post Exam Fun! 6th November 2008

Exam was over and holiday starts!! =)) not for Shane though I was basically laughing while walking out of the exam hall! It’s a momentous joy indescribable! I had been real diligent, revising for my papers and I think I shall deserve no less than credits for every of my exams! But I think Chemistry might not turn out right. I shall pray for at least a borderline credit (which might not even be feasible?)

No matter how, I shall thank Lee Ming a lot for he was real hardworking. I see how serious he studies and it made me want to strive hard too. He was crazy being able to memorise so much stuff. Oh well, at least he does actually understand what he memorise rather well. That is hats off for him! Shane no less but how Shane study was to just take in the important part, skip the “just for our information” type. HAHA.. but this is just my own thoughts. =P No matter if there is tips or not for me, I always take the “better be safe than sorry” route. I shall revise everything and go to exams for that. I was never good at Chemistry so skip that ok?

Next semester we shall start being hardworking and responsible students! But where shall I study??? Where I stay is not near to Monash University, there is no study rooms, library, etc. Hmm.. Shall figure it out again!

Anyway, right after exams, I went back to pack my stuff. I never figured I had so much stuff to pack and all! (I am moving so I need to pack!) I used the whole evening and night to pack my stuff!!! I was so hoping my maid was with me! It was a total relieve when its all done =))


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