The After Exam Fun Continues~~ 8th November 2008

Slept till quite late because I had many weeks of sleepless nights revising. Contrary to what Lee Ming said, I do NOT sleep always ok? I just had naps and not sleep! It is different! =P And right after exams, it was all fun and fun and fun. So the unperturbed sleep was the long lost rest I had. Until I wake up again to transfer my things to TY’s cousin place. Michelle was still in hostel as she stayed over at TY’s place. Right before moving my things to TY’s cousin place, we sent off Michelle first. It was a sad moment to see her got into the bus. I did not even get to snap a picture with her. The kind of feeling was so strong that tears trickled down my cheeks.

My things
TY and my things in Dataran Prima Condominium

Anyway, after that went to move my things to TY’s unit before moving it down to the car. I am very grateful to have TY’s cousin help! It’s a must to get her out next year to eat =)) moved all the things on empty stomach (I did not even drink any water LOL) and had menstrual cramps (rare). I felt terrible but it was tolerable! =)) Right after all those, went to shower once again and rest. About 5pm, we were off to Lagoon Perdana to sign contract!

Thanks to TY for reading and re-reading the contract for us. I did not read much but only first two pages of the contract because I felt unwell. Stupid menstrual cramps. Sighh.. Oh well, at least things were sorted. The minute before Shane signed, there was a skeptical moment between Shane, Lee Ming and Tee Yee. That was a moment of fear for me as I wished for no more changes. And I thank them for not making more changes. Thank you! Things were settled and right at 6.30pm, we went to Asia café for food! I was the first to order but the last to get my food! So disheartening but oh well, its not important!

The gay couple and their carrot milk
Fimtan and TY

Had some pool session then. I did not join then because.. (OK, we do not always need explanation! =P) Headed off to bus stop to catch one home! =)) Another tired but fulfilling night! =))

Like the gangsters discussing about some big deal! HAHA
Sorting out the balls
This guy who insisted on doing the starting shot but.. (haha)
Cam-whored with my camera but did not call me =(( lol
waiting for bus (we take pictures any where any time one ok?)
More pictures (haha)
The foots
Their friends came

Opps… the story does not end there. I forgot we were at Shane’s place to get pictures from him (despite that, he did not give me the pictures in his camera!) Lee Ming went for porn. Opps.. HAHA.. no lah! He wanted to make full potential use of his external hard disk! Downloaded so much stuff from XSo!! (I suspect he go to USA not to work but to just get stuck in his room watching what he downloaded =P No no, maybe he plan to work and NOT travel. Just work and watch! HAHA)

Went back with LM and I was darn pissed off due to something. I decided not to blog about that matter. As I want to once again remind myself what my aunt told me before I left for Malaysia, “If the thing is petty enough, just learn to let go” Sometimes, its hard but I shall try my best.


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