Housemates Gathering 10th November 2008

Yan Wan, Su-Lyn, Bee Fong

We have been staying together for almost a year! I am so happy to have such great roommate and housemates the very first time I move out of home =D [Paris does not count because I stay with my aunt! HAHA]
Been such a long time and I had a great time with them. No arguments, no frictions, no sadness.. =)) I always come back happily. Even when I am depressed, Yan Wan will always offer me comfort and solace. Bee Fong will always look so funny that I won’t be sad for long when I see her! Su-Lyn is always ever-sensitive knowing when I need some talk.
Next year, I guess it will be hard for me to find someone to talk to before bedtime. It will surely be no more surprises. There will be not much random occurrences to let me laugh all over. I can’t go crazy walking around in the unit disturbing my housemates. I can’t suddenly go into their rooms to just check out what is going on and *poof* disappear.. Or even just to have a random chat. I will surely miss the times where I can randomly just go into Yan Wan/Bee Fong’s room and sit in their nice corner to have some chit chat session! There will be so much changes. I figure I will miss them badly.
Yeah, mentioned we stayed for such a long (since it is not short =P) period of time, but we never went out for a meal before all together. Most of the time, its my roomie that did not make it (She always go dating, mana ada masa untuk kami? HAHA) But it was different on 10th November 2008! Sulyn had her last paper then only so we made the dinner to be on that night =))
Off to Ole Ole Bali! I tell you! The ambience was very nice! Very serene and not noisy at all! =)) Nice place to enjoy a nice dinner in =))I love how they placed the bowl with floating candles. The dimness was just right =)) The company that I had was superb too =)) Was with the girl that slept with me every night. With the housemates who took care of me all along. The people who made me feel happy =D The food was great! I finished everything =)) Portion was more than enough! The chilli was nice. A little spicy but I can take it =)) Yum yum~~ The drink was nice too =)) It was just barley lime but it is totally different from what you get in Pink or Orange! Just so refreshing.
We had chit chat session while eating and even after dinner. We went walking around. Loitering. This kind of “mall-loitering” is alright because of the company =)) It is always the case where company makes the whole thing fun! =)) Aww..I am so going to miss the moments =((

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