Dragon I + Madagascar 2 = HAPPY

Seriously it has been so long that we got a nice dinner accompanied by a nice movie! Last semester was sure much more fun because we enjoyed more. This semester was totally a failure in terms of enjoying. Especially lesser movies and eating out at new places? teehee A kind of satisfaction surging now. AND this holiday I am re-compensating. Watched movies and eating out to enjoy! At least I did study hard to deserve some nice returns =P Wonder if next semester/year would be more enjoyable or just rolling downhill? ><" AND i plan to do some industrial attachment IF that is possible =P OK OK..I went way off the topic title. So yeah we (Fimtan, Jeou Yee, Zen Xern and I) had a late dinner at Dragon-I. Actually it was just Jeou Yee, Zen Xern and I who walked to Sunway Pyramid only because Fimtan was already there earlier on to get an interview at Sushi Zanmai. So we planned to meet her at McD! After that went together to Dragon-I! =))

Waiting to be seated!

Let’s see the food! (I do not really remember any names. So..hehe)

Jeou Yee’s (comes with la mian with soup)
Zen Xern’s
The supposedly must have!

Erm..the food is quite ok but nothing much to brag about! But the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao was quite nice. I love the soup (yum yum) But the noodle that I had was just alright. Bet other place can offer much nicer one (or is it just that its not my taste? LOL)

The aftermath!
Zen Xern and Fimtan
Fimtan and Jeou Yee
Zen Xern and CC
Jeou Yee and CC

We went wandering around. Ok we did not wander around. We purposely got to the cinema to snap some pictures. Teehee~~ It was two hours away from the show time. And we plan to go back and then go over again exercise mah HAHA But As a lazy person I am, I planned on not to bring anything there except my keys and phone. So, we ended up going there to snap some pictures! hehe

We rested and got back there just in time for the trailers. There are so many nice movies coming! I am tempted to watch all here but then by that time I would be in Brunei already. So hte movie tickets would be more expensive. I would want to work part time. And so there goes my time again. But I am sure I would be able to make it if I want hehe..Shall see how things go.. =P

Me!! =))
Jeou Yee (the other two were..don’t know doing what! HAHA)

Madagascar 2 was great. So funny! =)) It was so sweet between Melman (giraffe) and Gloria (hippotamus) But anyway, find it weird why recently I keep on seeing love between animals. Like the one between Siu Ba (dog) and Can Can (cat) and then Melman and Gloria. Ohhhh..and that song by Jay Chou about the love between fish and bird!!! HAHA.. But I quote Marty (zebra), “Love has have no boundary.”


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