Petrosains 13th November 2008

MEMS (Monash East Malaysian Society) organised a trip to celebrate the after-exams. Too bad, only three turn up. I joined in to make it a four. I am not part of MEMS. The plan was to go to Seoul Garden, where its a barbeque style buffet. Seeing there are jus four of us, Bernd thought it would be better to go some where else rather than to eat buffet! Silently, I agreed. It was never worth it for me to eat buffet. However, I would love to try Seoul Garden one day =P

On the bus with Jeou Yee and Bernd

Anyway, used bus T623 once again to get to Kelana Jaya. The trip seemed more lengthy and tedious. Don’t know why. But oh well.. reached there and got on a train to KLCC =)) I love trains hehe.. sounds so much like a boy. Even the boys here are not as much fond of trains LOL
Had lunch at Burger King. It was a heavy meal. Can’t finish my food.

Bernd and Ben

Ben suggested that to make my meal worth it, I should be re-filling my drinks. I would love to do that too. But too bad I can’t even finish my onion rings That long rubbish bin (Kiung Jeou Yee) who says I am a round rubbish bin helped me finish my onion rings Seriously, I do not think I ate in Burger King before. McD would have been a better choice any time ok?
We then went to Petrosains (That was where we wanted to go instead of Seoul Garden food trip) Zen Xern mentioned about this last time and I thought why not? So I gave the suggestion =)) AND here we are =)) It was around 2pm then. =))

My ticket and the locker identification card
Rules and regulations

More pictures..
Before entering, there were some exhibits too
The schedule of stations which we are going to go through
Fish near the entrance towards the Dark Ride
Queing for Dark Ride
The three guys (Ben, Bernd, Beou Jeou Yee
First stop!
Exhibits in first stop
On the entrance
On the exit
Narcissist’s heaven (All mirrors — can view from any angle)
Making images by altering the angles
Us =))
It is not a real race car on display *disappointed*
How the wheels work
Ticket to board helicoptor
The gate to boarding (its jsut simulator lah) HAHA
Reached the Oil Platform (using helicopter)
Ben and Bernd playing soccer. Heard they broke the record there!
Look at the themal energy emitted by body
(The thermal picture taken was not so nice — so I shall not put up here)
That was Jeou Yee’s hair and three fingers on the screen
(If you can make it out HAHA)
Solar power! I made the lil ball flow up the tube =))
Jeou Yee playing with balls (ehem ehem)
That was my me shadow image =P
A mind game. Balance the six nails on the standing nail.
I did it.. can you figure how?
(ask me if you are interested to know how..hehe)
One of the stop (don’t know which one)
Dinosaur — it talks!
Jeou Yee — trying to make it as if he was being eaten but failed!
Our biosphere! (A simple model)
A cell (enlarged infinitely)
Digger (many can be found in Jardin D’acclimatation of Neuilly Sur Seine, Paris)
But much more simpler =))
Wah can meet Albert Einstein
This more suitable for girl (round round some more HAHA)
Waiting to go on the exiting Dark Ride

It was a tiring but fun trip. Some of the things in there do not exactly work. AND the instructions given were mostly incomprehendable. Maybe it was just me or what. Furthermore, instructions if given in Malay would be fine. But when you chose English, there will be both Malay and English. it is annoying. If Petrosains is just to cater for the local Malaysians, that would be fine. But what if those who do not understand Malay??? ><"""

I have been to Brunei’s OGDC and had more fun there though the trip was not as long. In Petrosains, it was like a journey where you are guided from one exhibit hall to another. You have to go through from first hall to the last, which gives you no choice but to spend at least some time in each hall. The Cite Science of Paris would have been a much more better one than Petrosains I must say. Eventhough most are in French (yeah minimal English) I still had lots of fun there. It was real big there. I played with some ropes with the skilled people teaching us patiently. Lots of brochures in English even =)) I even went on a REAL submarine. There was an audio device given to us (French, English, Chinese, etc..) So I used the English version and got around the submarine. It was much more fun than the Oil Platform in Petrosains!

All in all, Petrosains still needs a lot of improvement. But I had fun in there nonetheless =)) After that, went to do a survey and got a fre pen =)) OK Ok..the pen was not really anything nice. But its nice to get something wehn you do not expect it =P Right after that, went to collect my bag in the locker (which I nearly forgot) and to Kinokuniya. First time there. Lots of books. Heaven! =D But did not spend too much time there. Everyone was tired.

Used train then bus to get back to Sunway Pyramid. Planned to just go back and rest but it was raining and there was no bus. After some waiting, Bernd and Ben planned to just walk back under the rain. I do not want to go under the rain though because i felt unwell recently. Jeou Yee stayed with me and we went to Jusco. Did some groceries (though I am going back Brunei soon..HAHA). realised it about dinner time, so we wandered around to find a place to eat. Ended up in The Chicken Rice Shop. The food was nice. The portion was big. hehe.. Yeah that implies I did not finish everything too. I love the taugeh! =)) Yum yum..

Jeou Yee
With the drinks
Roasted chicken
My dessert
Jeou Yee’s healthy beancurd and egg ><""
Ipoh taugeh (very crunchy and yummy!)
Pai Tee
The cutleries in Chicken basket (haha)

P.s. I am so sorry that I was not actively talking. I know Bernd was trying hard to talk to me. Sorry I am reverting back to the stage where I do not feel like talking Talking nowadays seem so tedious.. Ain’t it better to just express yourself only when comfortable? And for me, its by written words. Unspoken. =))

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