My things from UK (long awaited!!)

OMG I am so happy! My sister got me so much stuff from UK.
Let’s see..
  • Two pairs of jeans
  • One white over knee length skirt
  • Two brown short skirts (doubt I will wear them much)
  • One white blouse
  • Four casual shirts
  • Five keychains
  • One book (under the series that I am collecting)
  • Three stockings
  • One over the knee sock
  • Two pairs of NIKE! (wide grins)
Teehee~~ My sister is fantastic right? HAHA (My CNY clothing is HALF done =D)

Me in skirts (you shall only see me wearing them here HAHA) I seldom wear skirts in Sunway cause a lot of walking need to be done. Its inconvenient to be in skirts. AND have to ACT ladylike (so sorry not born with talent of being ladylike though I am supposed to be one) HAHA

Then also cannot wear much heels (why torture yourself by wearing heels when walking long distances???) But once I reached home, showered, changed, I wore my boots! HAHA.. So much more taller =POk back to what I got from my sister.. The shoes!!! This pink one is real.. REAL comfortable! I love how it cushions my feet (My New Balance can retire already)This blue one is not bad too. Provides good support but its a bit heavy! (i love the colour!!)The keychains! A dolphin one! (She will always get me things related to dolphin cause i love them so much! HAHA) This was from Italy..

From Harrods, UK
Pisa tower, Italy (USED TO BE one of the seven wonders of the world)
From Scotland =))
[I also got a magnet given to me by my aunt when I was in Paris teehee]

2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    sze-fan said,

    u look nice in the black t-shirt and pants lol.

  2. 2

    Le rêveur said,

    haha that was simply because of the boots making me taller only (my hair was damn wet then) LOL

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