The Purpose of This Blog Space

*This is imported from a previous blog titled which is now locked”
This blog is meant to jot down any unhappiness that I will be acquainted with in the future. Especially when I move into the new place and share the same living space with three new Penang friends of mine.

There is a Swedish saying that goes like this “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” But not everyone enjoys listening to sad stories. Moreover, what I tell would always be one-sided. It would always be how I think and how I feel. Many would be unwise to just judge from my one sided story. This is something I dislike. I want to share what I am sad about but not to gain some biased comments or judgments from others. I just plainly, want to share. Since it is always not wise to share and trust others, I believe this blog space will act as a good place for me to drain my unhappiness.

This will be a space where I can truthfully jot down my feelings. Without worrying if anyone will get hurt. Without considering how someone will actually judge me based on what I expressed honestly. Finally, a place where I can hopefully drain out all the unhappiness in me. A place where I can seek solace.


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