Untitled journal

Over this holiday, I think my life would be as boring as ever. I actually decided to do journal posts for over these few months. After much thoughts, decided against it. To prevent you all who read from getting bored! =P My life here is like a routine anyway,I go out to my dad’s restaurant, online over there while talking to random uncles, sometimes aunties and EATING! ><"" You will be surprised how much I grow in a matter of weeks, if not months

Another option would be staying home and sleep, online, etc. But I never take the initiative to clean my room or unpack. Can you believe that my things are still in my luggage? HAHA.. I could have asked my maid as usual to unpack but sadly no maid as for now! =(( Oh well, I am a lazy bummer. But the other day (Monday probably?), I brought my baby sister to go shopping. I love bringing her out because she is just so cute! And I passed by The Body Shop, yeah, the make-up and training manager was there. Social norms dictate that it is a must that I go in and say hi! Bummer I do NOT really want to work back there because..ok no one likes explanation She just informed me that I am to work for them for three months at their Brunei International Airport (BIA) branch. At the mention of this branch, the more I do NOT want to work there. *sighh*

Nevermind, as my aunt says, just grind and bear. It is just a few months only right? And as Fimtan says, its better to get paid while getting bored rather than getting nothing yet bored! >< I haven’t went out to their office to get my working shirt even though I ws called to get it two days ago! =X

Been staying home for two consecutive days sleeping, online and watching dramas. Not to mention, online shopping teehee~~ Do not feel like going to the malls and all. Have not check out the prices of some of the things that I intend to buy. But I want to shop. The choice? ONLINE! endless ok? HAHA

But I went hiking on the 19th of November 2008 after only having three hours of sleep only thanks to my cute baby sister *sense the sarcasm* But oh well, I should be glad cause she wanted to sleep with me so badly! haha That early morning 6am jog up hill was really tiring and I was sweating like pig. We used a route that many do not go. By many, I mean ME. MUAHAHAHA… i am not so familiar with that route. That was why I got exhausted and sweat profusely. Had I used the familiar route, though I had not been there for half a year, i would still breeze through it. So it is good to change route, I get to really exercise! =P This coming Friday, if nothing goes wrong, I shall conquer it again! Woohoo~~

Uhhh unknowingly, I still did a journal post, just that I did not do it the diary way where I list down the timly schedule of what I have been doing HAHA. But things have been ok so far. Thanks to people a specific someone “entertaining” me online then my baby sister’s cuteness and “stickiness” allowing me feel the love =)) How is everyone else holiday?? Bet you all are having a much better time than me. And I am glad for you all! Oh well, maybe working will be a good thing instead


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