On working~~


No more to BIA.. to YAYASAN I am! haha..

Get to work with dear Izzah! I thought it was a dead sentence and I am surely going to work in BIA. HAve to face the lil shop lot and actually dread working with the mushroom alien But.. but.. Who knows now I am assigned to Yayasan! YAY! =))

I will be required to start work a few days earlier at The Mall due to their anniversary sales coming up! After that, starting from December, will be assigned to Yayasan branch I guess! But still there is another thing.. TRANSPORT. Oh well! Have to really figure it out! If I really cannot make it, how? Is it wise to tell them so? Stop thinking about this first

Need to shop for new black shoes. My favourite genuine leather one from France is spoilt due to over use! Wear and tear! Urghhh and last time, I bought another genuine leather one from Bata which cost me BND70 ++ yet it does not last for more than a few months! Sheesh! Someone get me another pair from Paris!!! ><" OK, stop the rant and start the hunt. Procrastinating I shall I shall..soon procrastinating haha..

P.s. Results is coming out in a week’s time? Want to know yet scared to know! Urghh!


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