I just can’t stop…

This is a scheduled post.

..telling everyone! XP

I want to show off my baby sister! She is just so cute ok? LLM and Jeou Yee are plain mean because they say my baby sis is not cute =P

She was wearing Elmo t-shirt ok? I likey

All these nights, she kept on coming into my room and refuse to leave. There was this night that i was supposed to get enough sleep as i was going to go hiking early in the morning at 6am. But thanks to my baby sister, I slept only at 3am++. She moved her pillow and blanket onto my bed and started to jump around and all. When I wanted to sleep, she laid beside me allowing me to hug her to sleep. But she was having hiccups and all. ><" After some while, my dad came in to get her out. My dad still wants her to sleep with him HAHA.. She threw some tantrums and cried. What a night! ==" But she is still very cute ok?


Then there was this night where she came in and started dressing up in my elder sister and my winter clothings! HAHA..

My sisters =D
My two younger sisters
My room is a mess! Too much clothes piling up and I am still shopping online =S
Not to forget the sofa set and dressing table moved into my room also made my room much more packed =S

She loves the camera too!

She kept walking around my messy room mumbling “Snowy Snowing” HAHA..

A nice snap! =))
She has lots of weird *poses*

She is so cute. Yes! I shall keep on saying my baby sister is very very cute =P Do not be jealousNotice my baby sister’s facial expressions! She is so naughty! She has lots of facial expressions. Wonder where she learnt them from HAHA

Her, pouting! X)
Unprepared for the camera
There is a flower there for some reason HAHA
She is still a kid mah
So sweet
Kissed me while I was trying to snap a pic of her X)

My mom brought her to cut her hair. She came back with a different look! Wanted to snap a picture with her and guess what? This was how the picture turned out…

Ferorcious! Do not cross her! HAHA
See her dirty pink shoes?
It is so worn out! And her feet are getting larger and yet she still wears it. It is just so comfortable I guess. =S
Just can’t have enough of her.
Match making time. Michelin Nicholas Tan, interested? HAHA

P.s. My room is cleaned =)) Guess my mom could not stand the state of my room and was tired of constantly asking me to clean yet I just do not budge! HAHA So she finally got Aunt Damas to clean my room! HAHA ok maybe I should not be so happy for having a clean room. Instead should be ashamed and keep quiet. OH! Whatever! =P

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