I am a lil unwell…

Yeah…I feel a lil heavy headed at times. Having tap water as a nose is sure nothing fun, especially when you cannot control the flow ><

There are so many things I wanted to blog about like:

  • my hiking for two consecutive rainy days,
  • going back to Seria for the noodle one and a half hour car trip ok?,
  • seeing my grandma after more than half a year,
  • self initiated cleaning campaign at KB house,
  • learnt some cooking with Aunt Iti in Jangsak house,
  • played with cousins whom I have not seen after the time in Paris with them,
  • cookies baking in Jangsak house after so long,
There were just many things that happened over these two days. I do not know if I would have the mood to blog about them. Probably I iwll upload some pictures when I feel better. My head is getting heavier by the minute second, i shall sleep soon.

It was a very heavy dinner I had just now, my cousins’ grandmother gave me thrice..OK OK..maybe it was twice my usual portion of rice. I had to force feed myself just like when I was in Penang with Zen Xern’s parents eating seafood but it was nothing bad. Just being courteous to finish what people have gotten for you =)) Really full and felt so tired despite a 9 hours sleep last night. Thus went to sleep at around 7.30pm till 11pm @@ After my medicines not sure if I am going to eat them I shall sleep once again!! >< Good night all!


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