Results OUT!

OMG..I was sleeping in my dad’s office Still feeling unwell mah AND woke up to find my laptop is logged off! i went to log in and saw many MSN blinking!!! ALL TELL ME RESULT IS OUT! Was so excited and nervous lah!

I was so happy to know my results and straight away called my aunt =D I SMS-ed my uncle just in case he is busy having a meeting or something I thought my uncle will praise me or give me some encouraging words. Who knows? He replied me: “Who is this?” I was dumb founded. Then I realised I am using my Brunei line to SMS him lah! He probably forgot all Brunei numbers other than fixed landlines HAHA My dad is terrible lo! Did not pick up my call. I went down to the restaurant from his office to find him not around! >< Nevermind, shall tell him when I see him soon

My lil sister’s result was also released today! She got the third position despite always getting scoldings for not wanting to revise. She has always scored well despite reluctant to revise. Congratulations to her!! =DD

My sister plan to either get her a pendrive or MP3. I think MP3 would be better. She is only in Primary Four! Why pendrive? ><"" But my sister not getting me any, she said! SO UNFAIR RIGHT? Anyway, I have been shopping online recently. Yesterday, my sister showed me some dresses in EBay! So..I now have to find ways to get her buy me the few dresses I saw on EBay! MUAHAHHAHAA

Congrats to everyone on their results =DDD

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