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Goodbye 2008, Bonjour 2009

Thought of the day: Serenity is found when you have true happiness deep down inside your heart.

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With a new year coming, I have ditched a lot of old things/thoughts etc. I am going to usher in the new year with a lot of new materials. However and whatever you people want to say about being materialistic, I do not care. As long as I am happy, I live with it =P Obviously, a new blog is here. I have spent about half of December 2008 to get it up and running but I am not still quite as satisfied. This is the blog where I want to continue with my refreshed thoughts, my new outlook on my life, the successful ladders that I want to climb, the person I aspire to be.

I have been wanting to do a resolution list kind of thing. In the end, I just realised, it is eventually up to me whether I will do and keep up what’s on the resolution list or not. Even if I did a list, in the end of the period for the resolution list, I will find out I never had the time to actually look up the list in my blog and remind myself what I should be doing. So, all-in-all, the resolution list is kind of redundant. I do not even bother to look back into the resolution I last made with my friends for 2nd Sem, 2008. So, in short, no resolution lists. But there will be things that I hope to achieve in the new year of 2009.

I wished to have a more happy year with greater academic achievements, more travellings, less dependency, less complications and all thing good! I am very greedy in fact. I know for certain it is hard to have all thing good but it is just something I hope for. I wish the new year will be a year full of happiness and no sadness to dwell in. I shall talk/express my views less. Please do not ask me for views if you are not ready to accept what I feel it is like.

2008 pales when compare to my 2007 where I travelled a lot and exprienced a totally different city where I am incapable of communicating successfully. Yet, I gained a lot of happiness and experiences when I was there. In 2008, I arrived in yet another hectic city but not as safe as the one I was in, in 2007. In this city, I could fully communicate yet to find out communication proves to be so much a disability for me. I have learnt to open up myself when I was in Paris and learnt to close myself in Sunway. How will 2009 be? I seriously do not know what is in store for me but I am determined to make the best out of it.

Although the comparison between 2007 and 2008 is inappropriate, for the fact that one is where I live without having any academic responsibilities, just travelling around and live life! And the other is where I have a lot to do including living up to my family expectations and also to deal with the people in my social life. Total strangers into friends. I admit I seriously suck at that. What is with the people telling me I am bubbly, friendly, etc. I am in fact not any of those. Ok, I might be, but to a certain extent. Do not expect too much out of me because I just want to be myself, with my own views, thoughts, opinions, etc. I shall continue to live to the max for 2009!

To give credits to 2008, I have in fact actually went through a lot of nice times too.

  • I part-timed and got good salary for the first “official” job that I have.
  • I first lived in a hostel. Thanks to people who put up with me. But I think they have no problem with living with me at all. even if there was, they were easily resolved.
  • I met a lot of understanding and fun loving friends, including my room mate (Sulyn) and house mates (Yan Wan and Bee Fong).
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

    Credit must be given to Irene (a Chinese house mate of mine who taught me that the people in this world cannot be clearly divided into good and bad people). Meeting such understanding peers like Michelle Tan Sze-Fan and Kiung Jeou Yee makes me such a lucky person.

    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

    Having known some quirky/intelligent/fun/caring friends like Lim Suh Ming, Wong Yen Ming, Joshua Tan, Colin Ngeow, etc was like a privilige, even more for the fact that we try to get to know one another despite not so much interactions had been going on.

    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

    There are a lot more people to be mentioned.

    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

    Please do not be disheartened when your name is not mentioned, the list is ever-long. The footprints left, whether deeply or just a quick stride, will always remain in me =)) Thanks for all the friendships.

  • Watched a lot more movies, eat a lot more outside than home cooked food, enjoyed a lot more wilder
  • Travelled to new places like Penang, thanks to the hospitality of the Penangnites! Went to Genting, Sungai Gombak, Sungai Chongkak, Templar’s Park, etc. experienced a hell lot of things including eerie nightwalks, smelly pig farms, ancient saunas, “Les femmes fatale” fireflies etc.
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • First time visiting a zoo and yet was able to be a volunteer there!
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • Learnt mahjong! but not the first time playing
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

  • Went ice-skating for the first time
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

  • opened up a frog in the name of Science
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

  • Having fun bus rides!
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • Studied extremely hard in libraries, study rooms, etc
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~

  • Went to quite some hotels as my family stayed over in Malaysia.
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • Got my first tarot card deck!
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • Meet some celebrities although not internationally famous (I think?)
  • Bought clothes online and spent all my savings =S
  • Got a new camera =))
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • Seen a lot of my favourite flower
    From ~*~Casted Vie~*~
  • There is a lot to list down and suddenly, I have a surprise plan. Shall stop at here and congratulate myself for being able to blog non-stop! =)) But seriously, looking back, 2008 has a lot of happenings but just because I did not travel much, so I was disheartened. Last but not least, thanks everyone who played a role in my life, shaping me to who I am today!
Happy 2009 to everyone! =)) Cheers!

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Mine has been quite nice with lots of experience gained. sad things put aside, I had a joyous 2008! I hope the finale will be a grand one for me when I go to Empire Hotel and Country Club. It is a five star hotel resort but I do not know why the tour agencies and tourists claim it is six stars1 It is fully booked already earlier on. Thus, I do not know how the plan will go. I still hope I can go there for my finale! =))

The only regret I have for this year was not being able to travel much. Flying to and fro KL and Brunei does NOT count! But I will try my best to live without regrets. Plans on travelling are still on for next year. Kuching, Canada, Hong Kong and Egypt. But sadly, none is fixed. I shall hope for a better year with greater academic achievements and travelling. more angpaus and pocket money too

Somethings are changing in KL for me. or should I say many things? just hope everything will turn out fine. I just shall remember some tips and thoughts to help me survive unscathed. even if hurt, also to the minimum. =)) ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL!

FORGET 2008 AND WELCOME 2009! =))

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Guess what?!

boo… I got my new shoes! This time, it is WHAT I HAVE BEEN EYEING! lol

My sister came with my mom to where I work. I did not know that she was going to come despite having sms-ed me. I rarely play with my mobile phone. I am a selfish person who feels that the mobile is for me to look for others but not the other way round. But when I am overseas, I will try my best to allow myself to be contactable by my family and some friends.

See? whee~~ *happy*
And I mentioned that there is NO size 38 right? I double checked with them and they only have sizes 39, 40 and 41. I was not disappointed. I knew that and still felt like buying them (size 39)! I bought them right away (not me paying — MUAHAHA) My sister and mom CAME FOR A REASON ok? =P I checked simply only BUT NOT THE SIZE. (I am not very good at buying things) When I go back to my work place, i put them on and whee~~ It fits more snugly than the display pair which is size 39 also.
In just less than a minute of putting them on, I feel how my feet both got “stretched! After just less than ten minutes of standing, I feel my legs getting so tired =S I start to take them off and played with Jaslyn (Mabel’s daughter)
When going home, I walked in them. Dear oh dear, I got a pair of shoes to TORTURE myself. Oh well, I know the fate of this pair. They will be nicely kept like how my leather boots are! =P I am still happy!
I went home and take some pics of the shoes and found out something! IT IS SIZE 38! HAHA. LUCKY ME. I BET THE GIRLS AT 8TH AVENUE STILL DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS! WHEEE~~

Anyway, today this French lady came again. I have always wanted to take a picture with her or so. It is always either I forgot or I did not bring my camera! But not today!
I love her to the max. I knew her since last year when I first part timed in TBS. When I returned to part time in TBS, she still remembers me Oh well, ALL of my French customers remembers me for I spoke in French! albeit broken! But to them it is good enough because I picked up the language just by being there in France! =))

oh yeah, just have to say that Brunei is really small! when I mentioned to her about my aunt, she said she met her not long ago! WHAT? it is just like six degree of separation. Have you all ever heard of that theory? but in Brunei maybe it is just three degree separation! LOL. ok forget it if you do not get it =P

I am going to attend a birthday party of my cousin in Muara Yatch Club. It is also a private club like KBBC. Just that this is not owned by my family! And i think I favour this club to KBBC and secretly feels it is more posh =P BUT I AM NOT ENTITLED TO HAVE ANY DAY OFFS ON THAT DAY! I already came up with a plan to get a sick leave and go to the club blehhh

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Had another day at work! Vicky flew in from KK despite it being a public holiday (Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah to all Muslims!) and came to our outlet at about 8pm. Stayed till we close. She is still as elegant and nice.

Rhel sent me back to my dad’s restaurant first, unlike Din, who last time sent Vicky to her hotel first. The first thing was to have my dinner. I have the habit of emptying my pockets on any table surface in my room. The day before, I put all my money into my pocket saving me the trouble of taking my wallet around. When I reached home, I placed it on my dressing table. Thus, this morning I went without bringing any money. I asked for five dollars from my mom.

Oh well.. insufficient. I thought it would be sufficient because I had heavy breakfast. Bought too much biscuits (which I end up not eating) and three apples. I ate and was bored of apple after having one. I did not have much for dinner then. I dislike borrowing money and thus allowed myself to go without the 7pm dinner. By 9pm, I was starving. Nothing could be done because Vicky is there already and I do not want to go and find food. I will be heading home soon anyway =P

So I reached my dad’s restaurant. Ate. Online. Go home. Online. Dad called to go eat CRAB! I was excited and quickly remove my make up, changed clothes, take camera, leave.
My baby sister tagged along too. We left my lil sister back home with the maid only. Here is a recent pic of my cute baby sister (please bear with me, my baby sister is REALLY cute) in her CNY’s new clothing. She loves the dress. She has anohter new one but she loves this better. She is growing so big now! ><""DISAPPOINTMENT! URGHHH! My dad and two uncles were already there eating. we were to order what we want. Ordered only drinks because there were still crabs! The crabs were small. Yucky! not nice at all ok? siao Flew in from China. Live crabs ok? Not dead or frozen ones! They ordered two and got one free because one of the uncle is a good friend of the place’s boss! please guess the price? >I end up playing with the crab, opening it up and all. Got “looks” from uncles. Got scoldings fro m mom. I came up with the line: “I am a scientists”. got a round of laughs. Used the nut cracker like tool to open up one of its pincers. Then gave my mom eat the “experimented crab”. END. I had chicken wings though. My sis end up ordering mee hoon. They got a big plate out but I was not hungry so did not have any. Could not finish it. It is more of like for three persons! Boring. Go out for such yucky food! =S Waste my time. Shall go sleep now!

p.s. hey..have you all noticed anything about the crab till now yet? It just reminds me of someone! Who? HAHA Lean Lee Ming! WHY? The crabs are so HAIRY! OMG *laughs*

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Have a laugh!

During a visit to the mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director, “How do you determine whether or not a patient should be institutionalized?”

‘Well,’ said the Director, “we fill up a bathtub, then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to the patient and ask him or her to empty the bathtub.”

“Oh, I understand,” said the visitor. “A normal person would use the bucket because it’s bigger than the spoon or the teacup.”

“No,” said the Director, “A normal person would pull the plug……

Do you want a bed near the window?” 😛

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  • currently am very broke! Have not got any salary but spent all my savings!
  • nevermind, I can still get my mom to give me some money but she pilih kasih! My brother used to get BND5 PER DAY and now she want to give me BND1 PER DAY. I know it is a joke But still she pilih kasih for having said that. brother DID get that amount but now he is in KL holidaying with his friends for ten days or so. ALL EXPENSE ON FAMILY SOME MORE! JEALOUS! Nevermind, when school resumes for him, he shall have only BND5 per day again!
  • blame eBay for making me broke!
  • been shopping way too much on the expense of working hours. HAHA..
  • still waiting for my dress to come (the one bought from eBay)
  • currently loves to use the word “siao”.. means crazy. And its so much fun trying to confuse those who do not understand Chinese by saying siao = smile, siao = crazy, etc! HAHA
  • Planning to go to Empire and The Country Club for New Year’s eve!
  • More shopping must be done (although broke)
  • I am a loan shark now. ok not exactly a loan shark since i do not charge any interest. BUT I shall re-think seriously again always lending out such large sums of money. =S (maybe this is why I am broke too!)
  • It is so much fun to annoy people I secretly dislike or am annoyed at! =P
  • plan to work till mid of Feb and then go travelling. Hope plans work well! *fingers crossed*
  • tomorrow will be a tiring day for there is special promotions again! But nevermind, my commissions are hitting a high target. I think I can safely assume my commission is enough to get me many things I want =P
  • I tried to put some of my things that I want to bring to Sunway into my luggage. found out its three quarter full already! Yet, my NONE of my clothings are in! SHUCKS! ='(
  • too many random things. Shall update more when I have more to say!

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decision time again!


I planned to go grab some food just now at 8.30PM (I was working then). Instead, went to drop by in 8th Avenue to see the shoes I have been eye-ing for nearly a month! AND I finally got a pair of new ones!

Sadly, not the one that I have been eye-ing all along! Nonetheless, got this!It is very comfortable. I wore it once I bought it eventhough our dress code for work is black shoes. HAHA

New arrivals and came in three shades. Chose this one! Hope it lasts because with me being so unladylike, my sandals/heels never last long. That is why I usually choose to be on the safe side and wear sneakers! My two new Nike haven’t seen the roads yet! Maybe I shall only start wearing them when I am in Sunway. Easier to bring new shoes than worn shoes in luggage mah! I doubt that I will bring the heels/boots to Sunway. But who knows?! HAHA

This is the one that I have been eye-ing! I pass by them at least TWICE everyday IF I work. I have not got to buying it because I wonder whether I will wear them or not. I wanted this to go with the dress I bought in eBay. But it seems a bit casual. BUT this wedge is similar to the height of my boots!

I got my boots when I was in Paris. My uncle wanted me to get a comfortable genuine leather shoes that I will wear and not keep aside (like I usually do). When I bought my boots, he thought it was alright until he saw the heel! LOL (two and a half inches or three?) I do not usually wear heels! He then went to shop with me for another pair of “decent” one! LOL True enough, I wore my boots for less than ten times But I do give it a polish once in a while even though I do not wear often. OK my maid did it
Should I get it? It comes in three shades too. And the design is certainly out! LOL

Should I? Should I not? Sighh~~

Oh, forgot to mention, I wear size 38 usually but this comes only in size 39. It fits alright but shoes will still become loose after some wearing. So meaning it will be more than my foot size then! (Like my now Bata FlEXIBLE) =S BND70 gone to waste cause I bought size 39 and soon enough, it became too loose to wear TT It was so comfortable because it is under the FLEXIBLE range of Bata. And when you tried wearing genuine leather shoes, it is hard to go back to synthetic one! =S

Anyway, should I get that? it is BND37.90. Why has it got such a weird price? Why not BND39.90? Or even better, BND29.90? (uhh.. you going to ask what is with the NINETY CENTS?) You do not know many people actually get disillusion with the NINETY CENTS one meh? To many, 39.90 is not near to 40 but it is near to 30! CRAZY!

So how???

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