28th November 2008 – 2nd December 2008

28th November 2008

I previously asked Steven to re-format the Compaq laptop because I am too lazy to do it myself and download the things again and he returned it to me the night before. So i got the laptop to my aunt today. She needs it for her work now =) So i am using a very heavy and slow performing Dell laptop now =(( But I can’t complain much, can I? No matter what, it is better than using the other two Acer laptops (I do not know why, I just dislike Acer) Ok ok, i know there are reasons behind everything. I am just too lazy to explain. Just want to make a point here, there can be NO reason why something is happening or happened! SERIOUSLY, NO! but some people could not be bothered to really find out and chose to listen to second hand resources. If you ever think something is wrong, go directly to that person and find out. AND those who actually simply just make things worse by “mis-communicating” purposely or not, I do not care, please stop those acts, its a despising act!

Anyway, back to my oh-so-boring journal.

I was then blogging and all (the previous two blog posts) At about 4pm, very spontaneously got to meet with Ratna. Went for some Swenson ice cream (her treat) =D I lost count of the number of ice creams that I had while I have been back here though it is less than two weeks HAHA.. Oh well, I am getting rounder.. =P Did not take any picture because it was a spontaneous meet-up! Did not get to bring my things except for BND50 HAHA
After that my sister brought my mum, my lil sister and my baby sister with me also lah to shop. Went to Yayasan first to walk around and after that went to Manggis Mall.

A wide range of milk instead of just Dutchlady
(Malaysia mostly got Marigold and Dutchlady only =(()
With lil trolleys (ain’t they colourful and cute?)

Skin Food is newly opened over there. Yeah a lot of skin care shops are sprouting here in Brunei Went to check it out and the prices are certainly more expensive than in Malaysia. I got my face mask last time for RM50 only but it sells here at BND25.90 (Exchange rate currently: BND1 = RM2.38) So you do the maths and see?

And you can actually collect stamps when you shop in Skin Food and redeem some free gifts thereafter. In Malaysia, you get one free stamp for every RM20 purchase. But in Brunei, it is freaking BND30, do the maths again. I can get THREE stamps in Malaysia ok? =S Oh well, nevermind, i will do my shopping in Malaysia. But not in the sunway Skin Food because they do not give me stamps for my purchases HAHA

Why that face? Because we did not let her play that musical thingy! HAHA
Waiting while my sister shopped

Went back to my dad’s restaurant and an uncle (plus regular customer) was there to help me tighten my watch! Been so long I used a loose Swatch. Now got it tightened but feels like something is tying me up So I do not really use it anymore ><"" Got home quite late and prepared for my clothes and things required for work =)) Was very anticipating it hehe Had been so bored for so many days! Before I sleep, I did face mask together with my mother.

29th November 2008
First day of work. I am expecting a very tiring weekend because it is their two days anniversary sales in The Mall.

Inner Christmas decor (Purple!! =D)

I was assigned to help-out in The Mall branch before starting work in Yayasan on the 1st December. As expected, I was required to reach at 8am with full make-up (except eye shadows)

With Mas, Alin and Izzah

I put on foundation and base at home. Got to my dad’s restaurant and went online. Soon after, it is time to go for work. Put on my lens with ease (though been so long I did not use contact lens.. prefer using glasses though sometimes its very troublesome)

Was there early (I am always punctual hehe =P) and put on eye/lip make up! I took less than fifteen minutes to get all my make up done and still can cam whore! HAHA (typical) Others were basically still putting on make up and all. I walked around reminiscing all the good old times. Oh yeah, the place was renovated. It is still as spacious. =)) But the staff room is much more wider now more to the benefit of placing more stocks rather than for the staff but I am not complaining since we get larger space too hehe

Clockwise, Starting with the girl with headband: Nani, Lea, Me-Ann, Alin, Mas
My colleagues for the first and second days
Izzah and the others were assigned to work at the booth area (for Expo and roadshow)

The day was basically tiring. But it was great having something to do. Ended up going home half an hour later than the supposed time (I am not complaining because we get to accumulate those extra hours and can claim them — this is known as claim hours)

My tired legs (in my sister’s new Vios)

Got home and slept dead (yes, I did NOT shower. I was advised against it. Mas, a colleague of mine, needed to have a strong jab for leg pain after constantly showering when she was real tired. I had been doing it ever since long ago and do NOT mind showering though tired. But was real tired this night so I slept before my brain and heart tell me I should be showering HAHA)

30th November 2008

Second day of work =)) I wake up feeling refreshed! Showered and prepared for work. When i was still in my restaurant online and watching drama, Me-An (a “stranger” who seen me grow up! HAHA Well, she is also a colleague of mine. But she knew me since I was five years old? I do not know here then HAHA Oh well, she frequented my restaurant and thus knows me. I only know her when I start working in The Body Shop (2007) She was there to have her breakfast. I thus walked to work with her.
This time, I go without any make up and it took me less than half an hour to get all my make up, hair etc done. and I am proud to have not make any mess

Not my mess

There are certain steps to make up which many do not know. Most people will do face, eye, cheek and then lip. But I do eye first hehe.. So I do not make much mess that requires constant wiping and cleaning =P Ok, this is boring, many would not understand HAHA Nevermind
Today is much much much more tiring! And Lea, another colleague of mine, commented that my “aggressiveness” is lost! I think that make sense in Malay but not English (She is a Malay). She basically meant my “drive” to work some what is very toned down compared to last time when I part-timed there! oh well, my reason is that I am tired. But I think it is more of doing a job that I am oh-so-familiar with, boring. I hate routine and love uncertainties NOT all type of uncertainties lah

Refreshments were served during the roadshow/Expo

Uhhh uhhh..forgot to mention! Someone came to see me for awhile! PATRICIA TAN SIEW YUEN! Been such a long long time! I missed her so so much! I just wonder when it will be the time again when we four girls will get to enjoy one another company like we used to? Sigh.. gone were those times but i am sure it will return once again but maybe with more people (they might be married with kids what? HAHA) i seriously missed you all so much! Patricia got me loads of stuff from Australia again! Thanks so much! =)) I love the bronzing set a lot. its so nice! Too bad i do not do much make up when I am not working HAHA.. thanks again so much! =)) we just talked for a short short while and did not even get to snap a picture together! Sighh.. but still, i appreciate that you purposely made the trip to see me! =)) *hugs and kisses*

Anyway, went back only at 11pm! Slept dead too! (But after watching some more dramas!) HAHA

1st December 2008

First day of work in Yayasan branch. Last time when I part timed, I was only assigned to The Mall branch and never the others. Guess it was because of the fact that I can speak Chinese and they require me there!

The Body Shop is divided into three main parts making up the dynamic cooperation — The Office, The Warehouse and The Shops. The shops are divided into five branches (Brunei is small) — The Mall, Yayasan, Batu Bersurat, Brunei International Airport (BIA) and KB (Kuala Belait). I was initially based in BIA this time but due to transport problem, I requested a change. Yet, they placed me at the Yayasan branch. Transport problem is still there.

However, I followed the Warehouse’s boys (because the Warehouse consists of three boys only who does the transporting of goods, banking, etc) to Yayasan branch. Yayasan branch is rather small (about a quarter the size of The Mall branch?) I have always cherished having spacious place, even it it is work place. But oh well, I still need to work. Having been so tired for the past two days, I did my work yet rested a lot too. There is not much customers there and thus, less work! went to walk around the mall and shop a lot during the day my work is not exactly very free but it is much easier working in Brunei than Malaysia? HAHA population small mah! Went home and watched more dramas but fell asleep! Sigh.. still tired i guess! Ann, I am so sorry for not replying you in MSN! I fell asleep already!!! With Glenda and Mabel

With Glenda

2nd December 2008

Another day at work. Seriously! People have been commenting that I talk very little. No this is no miracle. Those who knew me back in Malaysia would have found this a relieve? HAHA Sorry that I talk too much lo! But in Brunei, I am playing autistic! HAHA nah, just do not like talking actually but when away from home, you need to talk to stay sane make friends and go along. I cannot always do what I want and stick up any neutral faces as I do here!
Yeah Michelle said so also lah, I am ONE KIND! EXTREMIST! HAHA… In reality, I like to stay quiet and listen more. Just sometimes (or most of the times?) it is just so awkward to be not talking that I force myself to talk. Sometimes it is so uncomfortable! ><"" Nevermind, today I got to work with Izzah! She is a real nice girl who does not just try to be nice to please people. She will do what her heart says! She, along with Ratna and Wedya are the few people that I met during part-timing in The Body Shop last time. And I hearts them! =)) Not so tiring anymore yet life in Brunei is very slow paced. I am used to the fast pace in Paris ever since i was there for seven months. So sometimes, I walk really quickly without noticing so! HAHA.. well, maybe I should slow down and enjoy this slow-paced life. when back to Malaysia, it shall be a medium-paced life!

Tomorrow is my day-off =)) AND I am meeting YOU. I hearts you! Hope to see you soon =)) Can’t wait!

p.s. Yumni — yes, I know I still owe you the tag. I shall do it ok? sabar sabar~~


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