Dearie Patricia 3rd December 2008

Yes! I met up with Patricia =)) And her whole fun-loving, warm, funny family =D She picked me up from my dad’s restaurant and off we went to Yayasan. We walked a few rounds there and there was NOTHING to see LOL. But i did meet Hamdi and his girlfriend though (no nice place to date eh? HAHA) OH well, he can just enjoy the nice company of one another then enough already lah! haha But, we basically needed to talk and catch up with one another! It is so nice sharing and all with Patricia. We ended up at the food court in Yayasan having a lil drink (there were not much choices) and chat all the way! I think it was more than a hour of non-stop catching up. Until her parents and siblings came up that we realised it is time to leave HAHA.
They wanted to go 菜根香 for some food but it was only 3.30pm? Not so sure about the time. I was not hungry but still opt to have something. I ordered tau fu hua but there is none so got Honey Dew with Sago. It is different from that of the convenient store in apartment hostel (where Shane used to stay and where we revised for second semester till the wee hours!!) It is not bad but the honey dew was not sweet! I love how they cut the honey dew in balls instead of dice =)) And the ice shavings were smooth! Thanks so much for the treat =D

With Patricia’s family (minus her dad and she was the photographer)With flash on

Auntie is just so funny! A very animated conversation with her. We were the only customers there in the restaurant then. Not long after, a Chinese guy and a Caucasian guy walked in. randomly, Christine (Patricia’s sister) started on something like not let them pass over (??). They (Christine and auntie) were having some inside jokes on Caucasians (gwai-lo). AND I think the Caucasian guy sitting near us heard us and can roughly figure that we were tlaking about him HAHA
I was lost but managed to ask why Caucasians are called as “gwai-lo” (Gwai = ghost in Cantonese). Auntie told me, to the Chinese, they are “ren” (= human) while others are ghost! You heard gwai-lo, ma-lai-gwai, ki-ling-gwai, etc but you never heard hua-ren-gwai right? LOL She is so funny! So what do Chinese call themselves? DRAGON! HAHA.. Actually it is “long de chuan ren” (= the descendants of the dragon). Make ourselves more superior?? HAHA.. Anyway, anyone reading this, people do not feel offended. Take it light-heartedly. =)) If you can’t take a joke such as this, you will be the joke itself. It was just something we just randomly talked about rather than discuss! =P

Oh yeah, the other day, I think on the 2nd of December, I served a couple who were Caucasians! The women addressed herself as “orang puteh” (with the slang you know?) HAHA.. so cute! And I even commented to her about it LOL..

Then Auntie even mentioned that in their family, guy has no “stand” HAHA.. probably because their family only has two guys, the dad and their cute cute boy! HAHA.. Patricia even offered to give me her baby brother. I think she will miss him a lot had she really gave me! HAHA.. Her mom was telling her, you said yes only but the other of the family members? LOL and her brother even told me he cost 10 million dollars if I were to buy him. I told him I shall give him 10 million Monopoly money! Guess what he said then? HAHA.. he said he now cost 10 million dollars and 10 billion cents! HAHA (Monopoly does not have coins!) clever right? HAHA.. then I tell him I shall write him a cheque of my own bank! =P (her brother is so cute!!) Oh well, probably all kids are cute until you really have your own! HAHA

Anyway, after the lil tea time, her parents then send me back to my dad’s restaurant. It was a great outing with them! Lots of talking done and shared. We all always have our ups and downs. It is certainly not easy to find people to share. At least this is to me. I mostly share with a certain few only whom I have learnt to trust over the years. As for in Malaysia, I am still wavering… Sometimes, it is just hard! ><"" but I do know who to talk to when in times of need! =))

Did not expect this picture to turn out nice! =))

After the separation, Patricia and I still sms-ed with one another! HAHA..there are just endless things that we want to talk about still! I am just so happy that I got to meet her yet I am not contented (my bad!) I want to meet her more and talk more! HAHA..I just yet wonder again when can all four of us meet and sit down. When will our dream of travelling together ever come true? OK, that is not a dream! That is a goal! It has been more than seven years!!! Seven years of promise to one another between the four of us! I treasure you all like no other things! I (hearts) you all! =))

Oh oh..forgot to mention, we saw an accident while coming back! Car crash!Yesterday, saw ambulance! The lady who went in did not faint and still can walk. Yet an ambulance was called and she walked in the ambulance and laid there! Do not know what happened! =S
After that, went to shop with my aunt. She is leaving with the royals on a holiday trip tomorrow. I bought less than ten things but used a lot of money! HAHA.. after that, had a simple dinner (food again ><"") with my dad and sister. After that, more shopping with my sister and that means more money spent Oh, do not complain, earn money is to spend more money =P This is a kind of self-relieve therapy! HAHA

P.S. uhh found lots of Hershey chocolates! got dark chocolate one even! But too sweet. Oh should have known since it is Hershey! =S


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