Santa! Santa! I am a good girl… HAHA

My room has been a mess due to my inability to clean it the following:
  • the fact that there are a TV, DVD player, home theater there in my room (which I do not use at all! My dramas are all in my external hardisk!)
  • the fact that I never make my bed. My bed is always unkempt.
  • the fact that my luggages were unpacked (I know I reached on the 15th November 2008) HAHA
  • the fact that I pull off my socks where ever in my room and just leave them stink there
  • the fact that simply take off my clothes, put the towel here and there simply and all..
  • the fact that I have too much stuff, especially body products and skin care. I roughly made a count. I have more than 40 bottles/tubes of them including the seldom used perfumes and body sprays, unused hair products, never-seemed-to-be-able-to-finish facewash etc.. All these do NOT even include any of the make up and nail polishes that I have! HAHA
  • countless more facts
Ok ok, enough of finding excuses or reasons. I am just plain lazy. Or should I say too dependent? I am always thinking that this is a home where we have maids to help us clean up our mess. My maid is a bit more busy nowadays as my mom get her to help out in the restaurant too rather than allowing her sleep whole day at home So my mom has been doing the laundry (and I do not want her to wash my five new bras as I do not want to tire her out by asking her to wash by hands) I do not mind them washing my now-old bras in washing machine though haha

Anyway, those were all NOT the main point. The main point is that just now when I just reached home, my maid suddenly came up to me and tell me in Malay (Indonesian slang type): “Auntie is very tired and Christmas is near. Please be a good girl and you know Santa is coming to town and keep your room cleaner ok?”

I just laughed. Yes, I am mean. And the Santa part was made up by me! =P And she continued to mention that she specially placed a big red pail IN my room for me to keep my dirty clothes or worn clothes.

I told her thanks and sensed that she once again cleaned up my room, asked her whether she washed the clothes lying around in my room. As expected, yes.. Those clothes are those I tried on but did not wear it out yet. This morning my mom came to take the worn clothes to wash already. ==” Double job. For them. Not me. I am thankful.

I promise to TRY to be good girl. Santa’s coming to town~~


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