Another day at work =))

5th December 2008

Only the three of us were at work. Without Mabel (Shop Manager), I would usually be more crazy. Please do not think cam-whoring during work is crazy.. Making yourself ugly and yet still cam-whore is FUN! haha =P What’s more when we are being scrutinised every moment while working! There are FOUR CCTV in our small shop! Yet, I play senile and insane ALL the time. I shout, I make faces, I run (even in such a limited space), I laugh extra loudly, I shout “Saya Raksasa!”, I pretend to bite and send my colleagues into a frenzy! (but believe in Karma, in the end BOTH of them send me to a state of more frenzy! HAHA) etc..

[That is a very nice water fountain just right outside the shop! It is so pretty that I feel blessed to be able to see it whenever I am working =))]

Uhhh..but why blog about today arrhh?? Can’t be just that I want to show off my cam whore pictures lah! HAHA It is because RATNA came! hehe.. I asked her to come yesterday but she saw my SMS a bit too late. So, she promised to come only the next day. I waited for her patiently until finally I SMS-ed her again telling her I am waiting till I nearly die (exaggeration! =P)

She did not reply but just *poof* SO HAPPY! We went shopping a while (My working time is fixed but in between, very flexible to go walk around as long as it is not too busy around in the shop =P) And when we got back, she helped us shape our eyebrow (Something that I do not do when not working! =P)

She dislikes me going to beauty parlors or their likes to shape my eyebrow because they tend to make it “round”. She loves my eyebrow sharp and made me NOT to go let others do it. Only her. HAHA.. And, after that, we.. same old activity lah! CAM-WHORE! Apa lagi? HAHA

*click to enlarge*

Fun times pass real quickly! Din was there to pick me and Glenda up already. It was drizzling (It had been raining heavily whole night) decided to cam-whore still. Constant flashes but I was not experiencing any motion sickness. Din was still driving then but Brunei roads are really quite empty and quiet! =P
A little while after I got to my dad’s restaurant, my dad brought me home. Yet, still cam-whoring! HAHA I was a little car sick already then but I still took pictures. Until my dad had to ask me to off the flashes! My rebutt: “So DARK! No flash better don’t take pictures lah!” but I was “soft” spoken then =P [I am just so stubborn!! Maybe that is not a good word to describe me then..wait till I find another suitable word (but I doubt I will come back to update that word! =P)]


Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it tightly with both hands.If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

People have been reprimanding me that I am mean for being such a person that I am. I distance away from people that I dislike or people that I felt “wrong”. Of course, “wrong” is in my own sense and its not a judgment made just simply. It is based on what I had been through and what happened! And people said.., no they “show” me it is wrong to be as such!

No matter what, I shall remain “one kind” I do not think it is bad to distance yourself away from people you dislike. Period.


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