The Story of Blogging

A little about my blogging background. I think Emily started blogging around 2004/2005. I love reading her blog but never got around to starting my own blog. Just very randomly, in a chat (or was it the emails?) with Ann, Emily and Patricia, it was decided that I shall start a blog. That was back in August 2006.

The blog was created by Emily under her blogger account, putting me as an author. It was to act as a diary for me to keep track of my life in Paris. Much more to share my journey to Paris with them. It is also so that Ann, Emily, Patricia and I can keep up with one another’s lives.

That December 2006 was also the time when Patricia left for Australia. We soon will be distanced apart physically and thus perhaps blogging would be ideal to let them read what had been going on at their free time? Perhaps, it is more convenient that email. I am proud to say we still do the emailing but not as frequent!

So, I created my blogger account on August 2006. Started blogging officially in November 2006. But was not diligent enough. Stopped blogging around May 2007. That blog was eventually deleted. Continued blogging again in January 2008 in a new blog created by myself — ~*~Casted Vie~*~. That blog consisted of my times as a first year university student in Monash University, Sunway. I learnt a lot throughout the year and experienced a lot.

On starting a new year, year 2009, I hope to have a more refreshed look on life. I am never a person who wished to turn back time. But I do not mind the occasional second chance. I know for sure second year will be harder. I do not wish to look back and wanting to relive the first year, so I opened a new blog and locked the older blog.

My first blog was totally blue with dolphins! (I love dolphins a lot and used to wish that I am a dolphin rather than a human) Maybe it is because they are altruistic, know how to swim and live a carefree world =)) My second blog has more “French” influences just as this one has. I was never interested in the language French, until I went to Paris for more than half a year. I never really learnt French but did pick up some basic French when I was there. So maybe this is a language which I still haven’t “conquered” and it still intrigues me. Thus, some of the French words in my blog!

Le Rêveur = The Dreamer.

Manifique = Magnificent.

Papillons = Butterflies.

Le Monde des Papillons = The World of Butterflies.

Why “Papillons”? Butterflies have four life stages to make a complete life cycle. It can be said to be from ugly to beautiful. I wish for a more colourful, more happier, more beautiful life. Thus, “Papillons”! And I wish I do not have to create another blog after this. Hopefully I am loyal enough to stick to this blog! Hehe


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