The second time =(( *updated*

Note: Updated! When I was doing the post at 1am, I was not really in a good state. So, just feel like adding some more things into it. =))


Yesterday was Sunday…

Was my day-off…

I was supposed to go shopping with my sister…

Who the hell spend their day off sick and in the hospital?

Accident and emergency department somemore?

ME! =((

I slept for the whole day and now I can’t sleep! Decided to blog but now feel nauseous again. Last year, I was in the same condition. It was due to dim sum. I did not dare to eat dim sum for roughly half a year then LOL but it was always me. I was having dim sum with my family but they were all OK except me. I vomited, had diarrhea, fever, shivers etc until the doctor wanted to give me some jabs. i refused then as I was scared. At the same time, my heartbeat was weak and irregular. Had to go for an ECG to confirm everything was alright for me. That experience was a bad one as I continued to have gastritis which caused pain deep into my backbone! =((

This time, something happened, was due to some food I had. Feared of vomiting, I refused to drink water or take in any food. I was still in my sleep then when I feel the sharp pain. It is not in the abdominal area. so, it was really obvious that it is not something indicating bowel motion or diarrhea. But I did have diarrhea. So I thought probably I mistakenly thought it was stomach pain. I continued to sleep ignoring the sharp pains. At about 3pm, I really could not take the pain and wanted to go to hospital. Yet, I am afraid that they would want to give me some jabs. So, I wavered and thought maybe I should just stay home. But thinking back how bad it became last time, when they had to even give me IV drip, IV medication and ECG, I thought better and went to the hospital.

By the time I reach A&E of hospital, I was shivering non-stop and had sporadic sharp stomach pains! Within an hour, got the treatment and luckily no injections required. Got the medications required. They even gave me something for nose block. I took the chance to see whether I have sinusitis. Luckily, it is just allergy to the atmosphere or something around me that give me sharp nose pains and discomfort. But if I were to check for sinusitis, I have to go to specialist till I have time then

After getting the medications, I could not eat them because I have not eaten anything. My sis got me some bread and I was to take the medicine when I reached my dad’s restaurant. I ate a lil more porridge and swallowed hte medication with loads of water. The pain persist and I ignored it. I slept through out the day in my dad’s office and at 10pm, my aunt came back from her trip to KL with the royals. She suggested I take some painkillers (I did not realise I have fever too then) and that I am having “stomach flu” where you get stomach pains leading to fever. My aunt said it is NOT normal for people to have gastric during food poisoning. Probably I should make and appointment for gastroscopy. (I am scared for that i kept quiet. The mere mentioning of that send shivers down my spine. the thought of having a tube going down from your nose, through your oesophagus then into your stomach is revolting. Or they might even push hte tube from anus in! That is so *ouch* painful!)

After that, I went home and slept. Sweat profusely, probably because I had some Panadols. Mum checked on me just only and asked me to drink more water.. I shall see.. Sharp pains still comes once in awhile in my stomach. I feel very nauseated now. Shall go back to sleep.. =((

As for now, I could not sleep anymore (7.30am) thus decided to just go for work. I dislike being late or not keeping promises. I feel obliged to go to work/school even when I am sick. Ok, unless I could not even stand, then I would not. But what is funny is that, I always get sick only when it is holidays! >< It is a must for me to visit the hospital every year. Not that I love it but I do not know, there is never a year that I do not go into the hospital for such things (ever since I can recall) but i would not mind to go to the hospital at midnight to spot cute doctors back in KB HAHA (No, it is not a joke)

OK, now I feel nauseous again. Shall quickly finish my porridge and drink the medicine. Yeah, and remember not to drink any water after the medicine. Or lie down. I did both of that yesterday and the pain was much more worse! >< Lucliky the medicine is peppermint in flavour and sweet =)) hehe


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    sze-fan said,

    heyyyy! sick already somemore can blog solong. really pro blogger. haha. how u feeling now? get well soon ok! =)PS: i din noe medicine got peppermint flavor lol ( i tink i long time dn eat medicine d, not even when sick haha)

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