Journal again!

Another working day. Guess what?! It has been more than two weeks since I worked. Time flies. Money too! Sigh..

But oh well, at least I get loads of new clothes. Coming soon from Hong Kong. will reach on saturday hopefully =)) AND I SUCCESSFULLY BID MY DRESS, NOT DRESSES. I thought the other dress is not that nice so I did not bid for it then! I bid for one dark purple one =)) So I now damn broke and owe my sister a lot of $$ She paid using credit card mah! But she owe me more money! LOL.

it is only middle of the month and i spent the all my cash AND savings in bank T.T parents do not know. shhhh… how am I going to last these two weeks with so lil cash? T.T But I can ask for some money from my mom constantly (hopefully) *fingers crossed* hehe But this means no more shopping etc T.T


anyway, did I mention about this China lady who came to TBS to buy skin care? China ladies/women LOVE skin care! But this one keep on complaining about the price. Oh well, personally I think TBS skin care is mid range and not so expensive. Comparable to those of Laneige and Clinique. Though slightly more expensive than their rivals like The Faceshop and Skinfoods. But sure worth the price for it being UK (international now) brand and quality. In Brunei the business is quite good =)) oh, why did I mention all these? So random. I just wanted to talk about that lady! She has got really BUSHY armpit hairs! I did NOT want to see or what but she lift her hand and it all came out! (OMG!) I was like..this lady maybe 1.5 times my age but NEVER shaves! haha.. nevermind!


AND I am jinxed recently. I had gastritis which last till today even. But pain is minimal now. But I fell down today. Thought it was nothing bad. Last few years or so when I fell jus tripping over I had to go to the hospital for jabs etc. The paramedics even thought that I had a broken bone or what. It was just a sprain then. HAHA they placed me in the operation theatre. it was embarrassing for I shouted when the injecion was administered and the wounds/bruises were being cleaned and bandaged! HAHA.. (paiseh)

Today’s alright cause I did not go to the hospital. I can still walk. =)) But when I got home and stripped bare. Then I saw the bruises on my left knee. Was quite swollen. (Do not dare to tell my dad as I told him I had no bruises or what so ever earlier on when he asked right after I stood up) And my left upper thigh, near hips area was quite painful while I walk and is bruised too. swollen some more. Now when I walk, I feel some pain. What if i wake up paralysed? urghhh.. no no! No such thing shall happen! I want to wear that eBay dress!!! =(( oh yeah, my left hand feels weird too after the fall. But I know my neck was slightly strained. >< So shitty! =((


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