Tired and bored!

Yeah I am working yet I am bored. Played with make up, perfumes, face mask, body scrubs, etc and none others. Work is like a predictable routine. =S But twice Ratna came to see me. I am happy to the verge of thinking I am a lesbian! LOl.. that was a joke but certainly have her talking to me was nice and all. She came back from The Philippines few days ago! She got me a small bag which I think can go with my dress =)) Uhh..talking about my dress, it will be here within two weeks. Hopefully before the new year? As for the clothes from HK, will not be here tomorrow =(( Will get them on Monday most probably.

Ok..back to work affairs! There is a mini christmas tree now. =)) We are using Christmas hats. =)) We took lots of pictures HAHA.. =D Shall post those pics after resizing and all..esp when have time.

Upcoming plans would be to go to Miri on the 25th Dec

I feel unsatisfied that for this last half year, any trips were all not successful other than the one where I come back from KL to Brunei! =S I am seriously unhappy! So talked to my aunt and my sister about it! Plans are to go to HK or Canada next year! Shall see! Canada is way too expensive but would worth the travel cause i will get to see my aunt and cousins and nephews and nieces Yes I am an aunt ><"" Wish to go to HK and Macau for a week. There was a rough planning and also about going to where and where. Would it not be nice if I can go to BOTH?! greedy.

Nevermind..stop all these first because they will not happen until after June 2009! ><""

Give me three more years! I shall be able to fulfil the dreams to travel with my besties and also go to where ever I want! China! Egypt! Thailand! Europe (WHOLE) and revisit Paris! CRUISE! wherever! By then, hopefully I am not restricted work wise!

Ok..go sleep and dream! =P


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