decision time again!


I planned to go grab some food just now at 8.30PM (I was working then). Instead, went to drop by in 8th Avenue to see the shoes I have been eye-ing for nearly a month! AND I finally got a pair of new ones!

Sadly, not the one that I have been eye-ing all along! Nonetheless, got this!It is very comfortable. I wore it once I bought it eventhough our dress code for work is black shoes. HAHA

New arrivals and came in three shades. Chose this one! Hope it lasts because with me being so unladylike, my sandals/heels never last long. That is why I usually choose to be on the safe side and wear sneakers! My two new Nike haven’t seen the roads yet! Maybe I shall only start wearing them when I am in Sunway. Easier to bring new shoes than worn shoes in luggage mah! I doubt that I will bring the heels/boots to Sunway. But who knows?! HAHA

This is the one that I have been eye-ing! I pass by them at least TWICE everyday IF I work. I have not got to buying it because I wonder whether I will wear them or not. I wanted this to go with the dress I bought in eBay. But it seems a bit casual. BUT this wedge is similar to the height of my boots!

I got my boots when I was in Paris. My uncle wanted me to get a comfortable genuine leather shoes that I will wear and not keep aside (like I usually do). When I bought my boots, he thought it was alright until he saw the heel! LOL (two and a half inches or three?) I do not usually wear heels! He then went to shop with me for another pair of “decent” one! LOL True enough, I wore my boots for less than ten times But I do give it a polish once in a while even though I do not wear often. OK my maid did it
Should I get it? It comes in three shades too. And the design is certainly out! LOL

Should I? Should I not? Sighh~~

Oh, forgot to mention, I wear size 38 usually but this comes only in size 39. It fits alright but shoes will still become loose after some wearing. So meaning it will be more than my foot size then! (Like my now Bata FlEXIBLE) =S BND70 gone to waste cause I bought size 39 and soon enough, it became too loose to wear TT It was so comfortable because it is under the FLEXIBLE range of Bata. And when you tried wearing genuine leather shoes, it is hard to go back to synthetic one! =S

Anyway, should I get that? it is BND37.90. Why has it got such a weird price? Why not BND39.90? Or even better, BND29.90? (uhh.. you going to ask what is with the NINETY CENTS?) You do not know many people actually get disillusion with the NINETY CENTS one meh? To many, 39.90 is not near to 40 but it is near to 30! CRAZY!

So how???

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    Sheppy Steph said,

    haha…buy laa… so no need to look twice a day… lol

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