Had another day at work! Vicky flew in from KK despite it being a public holiday (Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah to all Muslims!) and came to our outlet at about 8pm. Stayed till we close. She is still as elegant and nice.

Rhel sent me back to my dad’s restaurant first, unlike Din, who last time sent Vicky to her hotel first. The first thing was to have my dinner. I have the habit of emptying my pockets on any table surface in my room. The day before, I put all my money into my pocket saving me the trouble of taking my wallet around. When I reached home, I placed it on my dressing table. Thus, this morning I went without bringing any money. I asked for five dollars from my mom.

Oh well.. insufficient. I thought it would be sufficient because I had heavy breakfast. Bought too much biscuits (which I end up not eating) and three apples. I ate and was bored of apple after having one. I did not have much for dinner then. I dislike borrowing money and thus allowed myself to go without the 7pm dinner. By 9pm, I was starving. Nothing could be done because Vicky is there already and I do not want to go and find food. I will be heading home soon anyway =P

So I reached my dad’s restaurant. Ate. Online. Go home. Online. Dad called to go eat CRAB! I was excited and quickly remove my make up, changed clothes, take camera, leave.
My baby sister tagged along too. We left my lil sister back home with the maid only. Here is a recent pic of my cute baby sister (please bear with me, my baby sister is REALLY cute) in her CNY’s new clothing. She loves the dress. She has anohter new one but she loves this better. She is growing so big now! ><""DISAPPOINTMENT! URGHHH! My dad and two uncles were already there eating. we were to order what we want. Ordered only drinks because there were still crabs! The crabs were small. Yucky! not nice at all ok? siao Flew in from China. Live crabs ok? Not dead or frozen ones! They ordered two and got one free because one of the uncle is a good friend of the place’s boss! please guess the price? >I end up playing with the crab, opening it up and all. Got “looks” from uncles. Got scoldings fro m mom. I came up with the line: “I am a scientists”. got a round of laughs. Used the nut cracker like tool to open up one of its pincers. Then gave my mom eat the “experimented crab”. END. I had chicken wings though. My sis end up ordering mee hoon. They got a big plate out but I was not hungry so did not have any. Could not finish it. It is more of like for three persons! Boring. Go out for such yucky food! =S Waste my time. Shall go sleep now!

p.s. hey..have you all noticed anything about the crab till now yet? It just reminds me of someone! Who? HAHA Lean Lee Ming! WHY? The crabs are so HAIRY! OMG *laughs*


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