Guess what?!

boo… I got my new shoes! This time, it is WHAT I HAVE BEEN EYEING! lol

My sister came with my mom to where I work. I did not know that she was going to come despite having sms-ed me. I rarely play with my mobile phone. I am a selfish person who feels that the mobile is for me to look for others but not the other way round. But when I am overseas, I will try my best to allow myself to be contactable by my family and some friends.

See? whee~~ *happy*
And I mentioned that there is NO size 38 right? I double checked with them and they only have sizes 39, 40 and 41. I was not disappointed. I knew that and still felt like buying them (size 39)! I bought them right away (not me paying — MUAHAHA) My sister and mom CAME FOR A REASON ok? =P I checked simply only BUT NOT THE SIZE. (I am not very good at buying things) When I go back to my work place, i put them on and whee~~ It fits more snugly than the display pair which is size 39 also.
In just less than a minute of putting them on, I feel how my feet both got “stretched! After just less than ten minutes of standing, I feel my legs getting so tired =S I start to take them off and played with Jaslyn (Mabel’s daughter)
When going home, I walked in them. Dear oh dear, I got a pair of shoes to TORTURE myself. Oh well, I know the fate of this pair. They will be nicely kept like how my leather boots are! =P I am still happy!
I went home and take some pics of the shoes and found out something! IT IS SIZE 38! HAHA. LUCKY ME. I BET THE GIRLS AT 8TH AVENUE STILL DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS! WHEEE~~

Anyway, today this French lady came again. I have always wanted to take a picture with her or so. It is always either I forgot or I did not bring my camera! But not today!
I love her to the max. I knew her since last year when I first part timed in TBS. When I returned to part time in TBS, she still remembers me Oh well, ALL of my French customers remembers me for I spoke in French! albeit broken! But to them it is good enough because I picked up the language just by being there in France! =))

oh yeah, just have to say that Brunei is really small! when I mentioned to her about my aunt, she said she met her not long ago! WHAT? it is just like six degree of separation. Have you all ever heard of that theory? but in Brunei maybe it is just three degree separation! LOL. ok forget it if you do not get it =P

I am going to attend a birthday party of my cousin in Muara Yatch Club. It is also a private club like KBBC. Just that this is not owned by my family! And i think I favour this club to KBBC and secretly feels it is more posh =P BUT I AM NOT ENTITLED TO HAVE ANY DAY OFFS ON THAT DAY! I already came up with a plan to get a sick leave and go to the club blehhh


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