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QiQi’s birthday

It was a coincidence I was based at The Mall store during the 24th of January. It was a tiring day for me because my sales were exceptionally good. But I was kind enough to give away all my sales after serving them so hard. I have already reached my sales target while the staff at The Mall branch have not yet so. Thus, I tried to help them by giving my sales to them. I am in a giving season! =P

At last I have had enough. I went to rest and stopped serving. I forgot my lunch and only remembered to eat at 6.30pm. My mom asked me to just go back for dinner. My baby sister was to cut her cake then.


There was no big celebration (just like mine usually) because our birthdays are near to CNY. Usually just celebrate alongside with a cake.


Yeah, we know you are five! =P

I was tired and thus not much pictures. Went back for work and suddenly, my baby sister came together with my mom. I made my mom leave her with me while she go do her shopping. My baby sister dislike shower but see what she did with bath lilies?






She mimicked bathing!!! I know she love playing in water and pretend to swim. Yeah she does not know how to swim, just like me. Please do not ask me about why I do not swim and sort of resent it. I will tell when I feel like it.

Ok, I know, you guys must be bored of her already! But this is another post dedicated to her for her birthday! The other one is here =))

She even played with the massaging tools!! XD






She is just so cute! I love her =D


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Power outage days

I was at work when power outage occurred. Me-Anne was trying to get me to do some work while I was sitting around doing nothing. When I started to help-out, the electric got cut. This became the joke of the few days because this is how "God" did not want me to work so hard and want me to rest more! LOL


By the way, Me-Anne has been working for The Body Shop for a long time. She is also coincidentally a friend of my mom since long ago.


She saw me growing up but I do not remember her much LOL. But I am fond of her =D I love the way she is so funny yet respectable. I love her for her fairness, patience, non-judgmental character.


Anyway, we got to get off work early and all. The story was once told here =P But just want to post up some pictures!

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Rants of the week

Ok..probably not week, just days..

  • Last night was the second night of power outage. I was damn tired and hungry. Complained as usual. My dad decided to bring us to Riverview Hotel for some food. Ok, all because of me. But my mom does not want and thus they compromised on going to Greenhouse. You know? The place where I had yucky EXPENSIVE crabs? Last night was my second night there. We wait for about more than five minutes to get served. We waited for more than forty five minutes to get my food served. My food is UNCOOKED. I was supposed to change it yet IT IS A FREAKING FORTY FIVE MINUTES! >< Nevermind then. The food was not that nice. My dad cooks a lot better. Then my mom’s came the last after like one hour? It was just some prawn in tom yam sauce over kolo meehoon! OMG.. what took so long? AND THE PRAWN WAS UNCOOK! I thought my mom bite a chilli when she her face turned all red, seemingly felt like vomitting and chocking >< THAT WILL BE THE LAST TIME EVER! ><
  • Ok forget that yucky food incident. It was midnight and I was tired then. >< But I did walk over to the counter and told the waitress off. "We waited for so long. Yet, the chicken is uncook! The prawn is raw!" Then I strode out with my iPod on, walked towards my dad’s car leaving my parents and my brother there to settle the bill. BND25 for such food..ewww
  • Oh yeah..this is not a rant but more on  a happy side of things. I was assigned to work in The Mall the other day? On the 21st of January? I met TEK TING! OMG..I never expected to meet her there. Well, I know she did not too. But oh well, it is so nice seeing her there!! I also met Jia Wei and his cousin, Lesley, Serene, another guy who did not came in to talk to me and also whom I forgotten his name (so sorry!)
  • I do not know why..but just felt recently, there is so much luck in meeting people! I saw Wei Kee in immigration the other day (20th January) and just last two nights, I saw Junaidi. Ok, he saw me! LOL. It had been such a long time that I did not see him! >< I was in shock and a state of blur when he called me. After a few seconds that felt like an hour, I suddenly recalled who he is LOL
  • Just yesterday afternoon!!! I met Wan Theng and her two sisters who are extremely friendly! OMG, Brunei is really this small that you meet people whom you seldom meet even when you study in the same university together. Nice meeting them! =))
  • I am sad and furious to have my dear Pat bullied by people. Even if it is not the case, I still feel that she is on the weaker side! Do NOT mess with my darling Pat or I will curse you like I do now! >< Pat, we shall talk soon! =)) I will get to spend my CNY eve with you =D Take care and see you soon! =D

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Happy Birthday BB!

BB is how I call my baby sister. (Jeou Yee, its not B, its BB!!)


Whenever I say. “Hi, BB!” She will automatically say, “Hi Jie Jie. I love you!”

She gives multiple wet kisses at one go when she is in the mood.


She will give you a pat on where you were hurt, when you made it known to her that she hurt you or when you ask her to say “sorry”.

She hugs very tightly and warmly.


She allows me to bite her on my demand yet ask for a kiss on where I bite her. *how cute!*

She will always come into my room just to share some time with me, or my sister. Or just to play with my camera or the camera phone.


Yes, she loves to cam-whore! Or just to use my iPod. She is very gadgety for her age!


She will sit beside me, looking at me using the laptop. But it is always obvious that she is waiting for her turn to use the laptop. As a loving sister *ehem ehem*, I take care NOT to let her use my laptop. She can use my dad’s since all the games are in that other two laptops. Now, I shall make a reminder to NOT install any games into my laptop.


She is just plain sweet. Till you know the thousand times longer list of her naughtiness, misdeeds and nature! LOL

For whatever reason, or should I say just because of the fact that she is my baby sister, the youngest in the family, that I love her all the more?


BB, I love you. Growing up to be five marks more than a number, but the growth of my unconditional love for you too. I love you for your everything; stubbornness, naughtiness, annoyances, tantrums, everything inclusive! Hope you grow up to be one fine girl, bringing more loves, hugs, kisses and laughter to all those around you!

Happy 5th birthday BB! =))

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Major Power Outage

Yes! A total blackout occurred in Gadong (central business district). As I said, I was stranded in Gadong, where my dad’s restaurant is. It was my day off (20th January 2008)! I specially got that to get my University timetable done. It is only in preference mode. Hopefully it stays as it is =)) But I am still thinking of changing one unit so that I can go to see turtle!! (I know, changing a unit and risk having a messed up timetable is not a good idea just to see turtles!)

Anyway, it was still raining non-stop and the flood was terrible. We tried to go home using a long route but end up getting stuck because all cars were stranded in the middle of the flood. Thus, we turned back and my dad reopened the restaurant. Few uncles came in and sit around.

Soon after we tried to go home again. My dad brought my baby sister to try whether it is ok. He called to say the flood is still there, but only a short distance. Thus, we just go on. We were stopped by the traffic police  who thought it was still unsafe to get through. However, we insisted to go since our dad asked us to. After much negotiation, they allowed us to.

I only got to go home at about 2.30am. What  a tired night! I went to sleep once I reached home. I was that tired! >< I woke up early to get to work yet to be told I shall not be going to Yayasan for work. I shall be assigned to The Mall branch. It is just a three minutes walk from my dad’s area! AND..7.30pm! That was the time when the total blackout occurred!

I do not know to really say that I am lucky to have worked there cause I get to go home earlier or to say it is so unlucky for me to have to live in such a total blackout! It is total sufferings for me because I cannot really stand darkness! =((

But even after I got back from work, I did not get to go home. My dad is still in his restaurant and the people are actually having candle-light dinner. My dad drove me, my baby sisters and brother around in his car. I watched some DVDs in his car (now, I feel it is not such a waste after all to install that in his car =D) Eventually, I fell asleep. Even after my dad switched off his car engine already, I still continued to sleep. Was very annoyed by my baby sister who kept humming and all. Yeah, I "fierced" her and made her keep quiet, which did NOT last for ten seconds! ><

After all the customers left (which was like after three hours plus? Maybe having candle light dinner with friends really fascinate them! ><), we headed home to get some clothes and went off to the other house!

It is good to have a few houses =)) Mata Mata house is in Gadong. So, it is affected. But Jangsak house which is like fifteen minutes car drive from Mata Mata house, is NOT! We went there to have a shower and my dad brought us to "lepak" OMG, you going to say my dad is cool right? HAHA.. oh well, we just went to a place to have some food and watch TV. Planned to go somewhere to online but we were then all too tired! ><

I slept peacefully without air-conditioner!!! (It should not be a surprise since I am so tired and the night was very cool!) I slept till 5.45am where we went to Jangsak house to bathe and all again! Then send my brother to school. Many schools were closed but not my brother’s. We then went to Istana (the world’s largest residential palace!!!) to pick up my aunt who is working as a nurse there. AND I always thought there is NO zoo in Brunei other than a mini zoo where there is not much thing (I never been there). Who knows???!!! There is one IN the palace itself! OMG..ok I know, I should not be surprised!! ><

Then went to work in Yayasan. A nice day a work. I am happy to be working since there is electricity there. The whole of Yayasan is equipped with generators (of course lah! Yayasan is owned by our Sultan!) and thus, I enjoyed the air-conditioner and lighting! =))

After that, I followed my cousin to Giant to close B. Foot (sister company of Bata) and reached Jangsak house for my shower! It is a wonder why when there is water, we always drag to get a shower. Who knows when there is no water, everyone will fight to shower! LOL

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Stranded in Gadong

Yeah as the titled mentioned. I am now stranded in Gadong, my dad’s restaurant. It has been raining whole day. Even if it stopped, it would just have been a little while only.


I never imagined it to be so serious. We tried to go home a few times but there are lots of road blocks, police along the roads, accidents, stranded cars, cars that broke down, etc…

What’s more? The rivers around are all flooded. Rising so high.. It should not be weird as to why since we live near the coast on a low lying area! Sigh~~


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Something gross to share

Seriously, I do not mind having them as friends. But, please know the limits.


Even if that is a real girl, I would have despised her for wearing her clothes that way. I shall recommend her a book written by Camilla Morton titled "How To Walk In High Heels: The Girl’s Guide To Everything"


I have nothing against the third sex. Sometimes they are even the best-est girl friend one can find! The can be a great bestie! I sometimes even hope to have a gay friend. How nice would it be if LM and Shane are gays! I am just joking LOL

Oh yeah, the "lady" you see in the above picture is a boy a year older than me. I know because she he joined The Body Shop as a member!

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